Jun 08, 2020

Use your emotions to guide you towards truths, relationships, and people that empower you

by Lisa A. Romano

codependency emotion narcissism shutty

If humans could shutty-shutty, and just for 10 minutes a day, we could all live a more joyful life.

If we were all conditioned to PAUSE and reflect rather than feel the need to REACT to every emotion our brain noticed pass through our conscious field, we could all learn to have SUPER COMPUTERS for brains.

The reactive brain is a lizard brain and it DOES NOT have to be this way.

Emotions are indicators not facts.

Facts are facts and although how we feel is also a fact, we have the ability to think before we speak and to even CHANGE our emotions.

WHY would we want to change how we feel?

If I feel unworthy and the fact is my parents went out of their way to tear me down rather than build me up, my feelings around unworthiness are valid and they are REAL, but it is NOT a fact that I am unworthy.

Emotions need NOT be seen as things that are set in stone.

Yes, all emotions are valid and why we feel a certain way is valid too, but, the rational or the cause of why we feel the way we do may not be truth.

Hear your emotions and then be willing to shutty-shutty long enough to poke at them, observe them, and ask yourself if how you feel is based on divine truth.

You were born enough, you have always been enough, and you deserve all the peace, abundance, and joy one life experience can muster.

Use your emotions to guide you towards truths, relationships, hobbies, careers, and people that empower you.

Use your emotions like we use road signs and learn to honor those DETOUR sand DANGER signs better known as RED FLAGS.

Today, see if you can practice listening at least 50% more than you are accustomed to. Listen to your self, to the wind, to body language, and to others. Listening is not the same as reacting.
You got this!