Jan 13, 2022


by Lisa A. Romano

Today, we will be talking about the six types of people you should keep in your life.

The Importance of The Friends You Keep:

So there's a lot of talk on the internet today about the types of people you should kick out of your life, the type of people you should spend less time with. For instance, people who drain your energy, people who don't see you as a 3D autonomous human being, who want something from you, who feel entitled to exploit you, that only see themselves, these are the members of our family, these are our friends, who we get the feeling they should be wearing a sign that says “hey what about me” - everything goes back to them!

These are the people that interrupt you while you're talking, these the people who talk over you, these are the people who make everything about them, somehow they twist the conversation, and they make it all about their experiences and how you should be listening to them and why their experiences trump your experiences; this exists on a spectrum, right.

So you can have a friend who's just slightly annoying or just slightly draining, and then you have a friend or a family member who is severely toxic. Every time you talk to them, it's this terrible dramatic scenario that they're going through, and there is a lack of awareness as to how it is they may be participating in what is unfolding in their life. So these would be people who existed more along the lines of the narcissist, or they’re on the narcissistic spectrum. And there are people who, regardless of what we say to them, never take our advice.

Do you have someone like that in your life? I know most of us do! You could literally spend hours and hours on the phone with someone giving them your best advice, and as soon as they're done dumping their drama into your lap, they feel better - you've absorbed it all, and they go and do what they want to do.

So toxic people are definitely people that we need to be aware of, and we need to try to push out of our circle and use boundaries with so that we're no longer drained. I love what Oprah says, that:

“you have to be responsible for the people that you have in your life, the energy they bring into your life.”

Person #1: The Truth Teller

So today, we're going to be talking about the type of people you should want in your life.

The first person you should want in your life is the Truth Teller. This is not always someone that you enjoy hearing from, but this is the friend or the family member who, in spite of them knowing what you want to hear, they're going to tell you what they really think.

I have a friend like that in my life, and we've been the best of friends since we're 12 years old, and it's so true she doesn't always tell me what I want to hear, but that's what makes her a good friend. If there's anybody in my life that I can go to to check myself to make sure that I am not deluding myself, to make sure that I’m not using backward rationalization to justify a need that I have or a want that I have at the moment because that's the way the brain works.

Our brains work to rationalize and justify what we want, and if Ego is in charge at the moment, then there isn't a whole lot that someone can say to us to cause us to think anything differently. That's why it's important to have a truth-telling friend, someone that you go to to say, “hey knock it off”.

Person #2: The Open-Minded Thinker

Another person that you might want to consider looking for or keeping around is an Open-Minded Thinker.

This is someone who is really great to spend time with; this is someone who is not a sheep. This is not someone that goes along with the crowd, this is someone who has their own ideas, and they're not afraid to question the masses! They're not afraid to question their religion; they’re not afraid to question their political views or the views of their parents, they're not afraid to question anyone.

And so these are open-minded people. They want to know that whatever it is that they think, they think it because they think it, and it's not because they've been indoctrinated to think a certain way. This is someone who, if you hang out with them, and if you talk to them, you will gain a completely different perspective, which we all have to pay attention to because social media is designed to be biased because of the way social media algorithms work you are only going to be fed information that you agree with, and that's really dangerous because this is biased.

When we only pay attention to or receive information that is in agreement with the current ideas that we hold, then we close ourselves off to the opinions of other people, and we become closed-minded thinkers. We become self-righteous narcissists who have an inability to consider how other people feel or how other people think. So keeping someone in your closed circle of friends that is not afraid to think outside the box will do you good.

Person #3: The Truth-Seeker

The third type of person to keep inside your circle is the Truth Seeker. Now, this is someone who is looking beyond the veil. This person is somebody who understands that you can live below the veil of consciousness, and you can live above the veil of consciousness. This is someone who isn't satisfied with the way things are, so they're not satisfied with someone else's understanding of the universe, or they're not satisfied with what most people tell them.

A truth seeker wants to understand themselves and where they fit in in the world. This is somebody who wants to understand their divinity, or they want to understand themselves as an energetic being, not just a psychological being or a cerebral being. They want to understand everything, how they fit and the nature of reality.

This is a really cool person to keep in your circle of friends because this is someone who is

“putting in the effort to learn things that most people aren't willing to learn.”

This is someone who very much is open-minded, curious about the nature of reality. Their curiosity can actually be contagious and can make you feel hopeful and excited about your place in the universe.


Person #4: The Uplifter

Another person to keep close to you is the Uplifter.

This is somebody making an effort to see the best in the world. They want to believe in the idea that well-being abounds. This is somebody who wants to believe and makes an effort to believe that things have a divine order. They believe in laws that govern time and space and believes that if you can learn to obey the laws that govern time and space, you can operate your life in a very conscious and aware way.

So this is someone wise, who has experience, this is most likely someone who's made a lot of mistakes and those mistakes have caused them to look within. The uplifter is someone who absolutely recognizes that there is chaos in the world, that there is nastiness in the world, that bad things are happening and they recognize it, but they're doing what they can to maintain mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical boundaries that allow them to maintain their resonance. They know that this other thing is happening over there, but they also recognize that they're limited in terms of what they can and cannot control. They work within that realm and coming at life from that space allows them to feel logical, rational and balanced.

So this is not someone who is going to be drained and flow their energy towards the situation that they cannot control. This persons cup will be half full, their love tank will be half full, or even full because they're working at regulating and governing their energy. So this is someone who when you're around them, will make you feel good about being a human being.

Person #5: The Empathetic Listener

Another person that you want to make sure that you resonate with and you want to make sure that you're able to hold dear and near to your heart, someone that if you find, this person is someone that you should really appreciate and that's the Empathic Listener.

The empathic listener is someone who can attune themselves to what you're going through. This person is not looking to solve your problems, they are someone who can actually crawl into your skin and see life through your eyes. It doesn't matter what color your skin is, it doesn't matter what color their skin is, it doesn't matter your gender versus their gender - none of that matters! It doesn't even matter what political affiliation either of you believes in or ascribe to.

What matters is that this person, the empathic listener, is someone who can imagine what life must be like for you. The benefit of having someone in your life like this is that you feel valued, you feel seen, you feel understood. There's nothing that you have to prove in this type of a relationship. In this conversation the person that you look at is listening to you, is there for you, so you feel like this person has your heart in the center of their palm. They really have your best interest at heart.

This is someone who can show up for you, you feel seen, you feel heard, you feel witnessed, you feel validated, and you feel like you matter - and that's the benefit of having a wonderful person like this in your life.

Person #6: The Logical Thinker

Another person that you would benefit from knowing and having and attracting into your life is the person who can use logic and reason. So this is someone who doesn't immediately speak to you and validate any emotion that you feel just for the sake of validating your emotion.

If you imagine two two-year-olds right, you have one two-year-old that's really angry, and she turns around, and she throws a toy on the floor, and then the other two-year-old gets really angry, and all you have are two angry little two-year-olds. So the friend that you can rely on, who is very logical and very reasonable, is someone who's going to take an objective view of what it is that you're experiencing.

This is someone who while they have the ability to have empathy for you, they also have the ability to use logic and reason to help you think. So there are people in life that will just feel what you feel and react according to the way that you feel without using logic and reason. So it's sort of like I said, you have two two-year-olds that are just bouncing off one another. I'm talking about a friend in your life or a family member, someone that you know, even a co-worker, that is able to hear you and listen to you, but they take it to the next level in regards to the advice they give you - It's very logical based, it's very reason-based. So they take in all the information that you've given them, and they help you process the facts. They help you look at things from a different perspective, and the angle is logic and reason.

If we are all people who are reactive and we only respond to the way that we feel, we are in trouble! Thank goodness there are enough people on planet Earth that do think before they speak, and do think before they act - Otherwise our entire system would be completely chaotic!

I’m sure that there are lots of people who want to say, “Lisa look at this and Lisa look at that”, and it's valid,, but the world would not be able to go on as it does if there weren't a significant portion of society that were able to think before they spoke. People need to be able to think before they act and if that's not us, then that is what we try to move towards. We try to move towards more logic, more reason,, more thinking before responding, more thinking before reacting, just learning to think and if you can consider the importance of having these types of people in your life then you can also reason why it would be important for you to

“try to do everything you can to adopt these qualities in your life as well.”

The Company You Keep

There's no doubt about it that the people we keep close to us are people that are emitting a particular vibe and whether we want to acknowledge it or not, other people's vibes affect us. Have you ever had the experience where you were in a free-floating mood, everything felt great and then someone you knew walked into the room and they had a really negative vibe, like this dark cloud was just following them, and you knew you had to shut it down because this person was upset. This is what we're trying to avoid, we don't want to be that person nor do we want to be affected by that person.

As we grow and as we continue to heal, as we begin to spiritually awaken, as we become more consciously aware, and we're being more mindful, then in that space we have an opportunity to be more aware of the people that we keep in our life, the people that we lean towards, and the people that we push out of our life. At the end of the day we want to make sure that we are positive influences on other people as well.

Namaste everybody, until next time!

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