Mar 19, 2019

Don't Believe Everything You Believe

by Lisa A. Romano

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If we were taught to understand that the mind was both conscious and unconscious at the same time and that ALL data and experiences are held within the subconscious mind, including our impressions of self, which are the result of how well or how poorly others were able to make us feel worthy of love, then we would not be a world of people ATTACHING to FALSE ides we notice floating around in our conscious minds.
If we were taught to THINK HIGHER, IMAGINE CLEARER, and to BELIEVE in the POWER of the IMAGINATION, instead of imagining what awful people we are, how little we deserve, how ugly or insignificant we are, we would be COMMANDING our subconscious minds to think WELL of ourselves instead.
If children were seen as the ANGELIC and MIRACULOUS beings they truly were, from birth, their SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS would learn to believe in HARMONY, FAIRNESS, PEACE, JOY, and ENOUGH-NESS. If children were NOT regarded as LESS THAN, and if every CHILD FELT SEEN, collectively we could heal our world in one generation or two.
Before we can HEAL the world, we must HEAL the self.
Before I can SEE YOU, I have to learn to see ME.
Before I can SEE ME, I have to see what was done to ME, I must SEE life through the eyes of my INNER CHILD.
Before you can SEE your children, you must learn to see the CHILD IN YOU.
Yes, the self-critical subconscious tapes are there but they are faulty constructs which are the result of unenlightened others who never understood the mind was both conscious and unconscious at the same time, nor did they understand the POWER of the IMAGINATION.
Cast out the demons of darkness and EBB more fluidly in the knowing and the direction of the LIGHT within.
You are and always have been and always will be ENOUGH!
Don't be fooled any longer!
There are powers that wish you NOT to know the SECRET!
The secret is, your subconscious mind is MAILABLE, MOLDABLE, FLEXIBLE, and like a wild LION, it can be tamed!
The hard part is accepting the realities we have already created--sitting in the uncomfortableness of the NOW until we have gained enough energetic momentum to expand our future and DREAM it into the MATRIX we understand as physical reality. PRACTICE minding your MIND. NEVER give up!!!!
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