Oct 07, 2018

How to Live a Peaceful Life

by Lisa A. Romano

love mindfulness peace

The greatest gift is peace but we cannot experience peace if we seek chaos.

To experience peace and love we must become peace and love first.

To have a strong mind means we must let go of that which weakens our ability to stand in strength.

Here is a hint, dank vibrations weaken our energetic field, our spirits, our bodies, and our minds.

Only LIGHT and LOVE can strengthen our minds, bodies, spirits, and lives.

If you want a strong and peaceful mind, OBSERVE your thoughts and weed out ANY and ALL intentions, thoughts, or emotions that are the opposite of PEACE.

This is NOT easy to do. It takes warrior-like strength to learn to OBSERVE the mind and TAME it like one trains a ferocious and hungry LION.

BUT, if we do not TAME the mind, the OLD MIND and all of its fears, insecurities, worries, and defensive behaviors will control our lives, and because we are more unconscious than we are conscious, we will NOT be aware we have GIVEN UP our POWER to something that is done and dead.

The past is DONE but we RECREATE it through our unconsciousness and ONLY AWARENESS and an expanded MIND can help us create a NEW LIFE.

The choice is ours and although difficult, a NEW LIFE is possible.

NEVER give into FEAR--accept it--observe it--mold it--allow it--then transcend it.

If you choose LOVE over FEAR and PEACE over CHAOS, know that you are doing the work of ANGELS on EARTH <3