Mar 21, 2019

Law of Attraction Mantras

by Lisa A. Romano

fear in media law of attraction mantras manifestation

You are more powerful than you know and that is why fear is used as a tool to manipulate the masses.

Fear cripples the mind, body, and the soul, literally.

When triggered, we cannot remember that we are magnificent creators. Our creative minds are overcome by visceral sensory information and our consciousness is propelled back in time. We are NOT adults with rights and liberties when we are crippled by stress responses. We are powerless children acting out of the only defenses we know and through the ego.

A huge reason for what motivates me to continue on with the kind of work that I do is knowing just how asleep most of us are AND how those who know the truth, use FEAR to gain control over the masses.

Fear is used in the media, politics, music, religions, work environments, as well as in relationships with our parents, siblings, spouses, and friends.

Fear is what pulls the plug on our manifesting POWER and until we awaken to this truth, we can be manipulated not only by others but by our own nervous system as well.

There are those who understand how to induce fear in the media and there are those that are unaware as to how they use fear to manipulate someone until the point to where they are crippled and unable to think for themselves. Sadly, manipulation is their norm.

To free yourself you must soften your fear of fear. You must see it as a symptom or a consequence of survival instincts. You must acknowledge when the media, religion, or others speak of fear and on either side. Fear is fear and when we are in fear, our creative mind is being used against us, not for us.

May these Law of Attraction Mantras help you hold onto yourself as you learn to ebb towards the LOVE within and the LOVE in the world.

There is MUCH beauty and majesty to adore but when your eyes, hearts, minds, and souls are being beckoned towards fear, you will not think there is any time to stop and smell the roses.

Be wiser than fear.

 You are enough Dear One, you are truly ENOUGH!

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