Aug 10, 2018

Earth Empaths Beware

by Lisa A. Romano

anxious eclipses empath solar flares vibrations

In the past few weeks, I have been feeling an uneasiness in the center of my chest. At night, I have noticed my heart has been beating a little harder, and I have also noticed an overall sense of tension in my body that is normally not there. Because I have noticed this resistance, I have been focusing on my vibrations by meditating, exercising, and relaxing more.

On the personal front, I have noticed family dynamics shifting like sand below my feet, and although change is always good, regardless of how unsettling, during periods of universal changes like in the form of solar flares and eclipses, holding onto our own vibrational fields is even more of a challenge.

All that is is energy and that includes us.

If you are an Earth Empath, you feel attuned to nature and what is happening on the earth plane. You may be someone who senses sadness or grief before you hear about something devastating in the news. You may be someone who senses the pain of a forest and her trees being scorched during a brush fire.

For a solid year before 9/11, I had dreams about planes crashing into buildings. I would wake up in a sweat and feel panic for hours after I had awakened from my dream. And as I stood there frozen on 9/11 like the rest of the world, watching airplanes fly into buildings of a city I called home, IMMEDIATELY I knew--that this event--was tied to my dreams.

Amazingly, I never had a dream like that after 9/11.

If you are an Earth Empath, you may be experiencing some serious unrest these days. You may have mood swings, bouts of depression, and feel unusually on guard. You may feel irritable and experience headaches. Some of you may feel nauseous, light-headed, and confused. It may be difficult for you to focus, get your point across, or you may begin to experience various bouts of bodily aches and pains.

As the earth experiences changes in her magnetic fields, we too shall experience similar changes.

You may notice relationships coming undone, more office arguments, and more road rage than you usually do.

You may notice you are obsessing or worrying more and begin looking for things to be fearful about.

You may notice you have less patience for your sister and she has less patience for you.

You may notice you have less patience for the kids and that they are more needy than usual.

You may notice you are more reactive and people are suddenly more reactive to you as well.

Ahhh.....breath deeply Dear One...

We do not exist in a vacuum. What happens in the solar system absolutely effects us.

Don't believe it?

Our body rhythms are tied to the rhythms of the moon. In fact, a woman's menstrual cycle is tied to the moon. The menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle last just about the same amount of days 28-29 days.

Breaking down the word 'menstruation' into Latin and Greek, we find that the word 'mene' means moon and the word 'menses' means month.

Yes, we are one with the Universe. In fact, we are merely extensions of it.

As it is below so shall it be above--and as it is out there--so shall it be IN here--in us--around us--showing up in us. And if we are not careful, the Scorching of the Solar Flares can scorch us too.

According to NASA, our earth has been undergoing tremendous changes in the forms of solar flares and an eclipse.

An eclipse is essentially the blocking of celestial light.

Be careful Dear Ones...

What happens out there in the universe is happening here on earth and within us too.

Solar flares will jack with your vibrations, cause anxiety, depression, and mood swings and an eclipse can cause us to be blind to the light.

As the energy around us kicks up, do all you can to find as many ways as possible to GROUND--and above all--focus on LOVE.

Focus on nonresistance, and allowing what happens to allow. Be willing to not jump into a toxic pool and allow what happens around you to do what it naturally needs to do. Know that it is not our fault humans are impacted by solar changes, but be wise enough and brave enough to resist the temptation to react rather stay open to love.

Hey, I am feeling it too Dear Ones...

Love is the key--Just flow love--focus on love--allow--allow--let go--and then let go some more.

In time, these energies shall settle down and deeper truths shall emerge.

The lucky ones amongst us shall overcome a little wiser, more humble, and a whole lot stronger.

Happy Eclipse Dear One--focus on the LIGHT in you, and especially now as we fall into a state of universal darkness and at the same time are being hit by Solar Flares.