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Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery - If you've never felt seen, you can't see or value the self.

When you have been raised to believe that what you feel, think, need, and want are unimportant, you develop into someone who hides the self, people-pleases, lacks boundaries, is often depressed, angry, anxious, and has few skills to change their lives.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.” - Carl Jung

Unresolved childhood trauma impacts the developing brain.

When you have been raised in an unpredictable and invalidating home your brain is wired for...


When we are children we know we are powerless. We know we are small. We know that asking for permission is part of the role we must play and accept. It is what it is. As we grow, and if we do not learn to release the need...


Those of us who struggle with self-love, forget that it is okay to give ourselves permission to love the self.

Many of us don't know how to love the self and struggle with...


It is not uncommon for abused adult children to put someone they know on a pedestal.

Often those of us who have experienced childhood trauma, attach ourselves to...


Many adult survivors of traumatic abuse and experiences suffer from memory loss.

Although many trauma survivors are able to remember how they felt when they were children, they do not always remember...


Those of us who are highly reactive or who have a difficult time managing our emotions are often dealing with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. As a result, we may have a difficult time...


If you worry more about what others think about you 

Than what you think about you...If you struggle with loving your self...If you tend to put others needs before your own needs...If you feel invisible...If you worry you are not good enough...If you stay in unhealthy relationships...If you do not know how to feel or process your feelings, please know there is hope.

Codependency is often a symptom of an arrested childhood. With the right knowledge, guidance, tools, and community support, unconscious codependent thinking can be incredibly corrected.

When we BELIEVE we are not enough, we must learn to reframe this belief so we can live life BELIEVING we are enough. When our INNER narrative changes, our OUTER world must shift.

My life's work is dedicated to helping people

Who have been wounded develop practical tools and life skills to help them face the fears that have shamed them to the point of being unable to process the trauma that has been keeping them stuck in reactivity and seeking validation from outside of the self.

My life is proof that you can heal from trauma, trauma bonds, faulty unconscious programming, reactivity, anxiety, depression, codependency, and symptoms of CPTSD. As a Life Coach, bestselling author, and workshop facilitator, I am honored to be able to help people reprogram their minds so to manifest the types of work and family experiences they truly deserve.

It is my honor to offer online programs, books, workshops and live events to help people learn to Master their lives by learning to Master their minds and emotions.

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The 12 Week Breakthrough Codependency Program

Emotionally neglected children grow up and abandon themselves. This is NOT your fault. The 12 Week Breakthrough Codependency℠ Program is the personal template Lisa used to help heal from codependency and narcissistic abuse. Take this class in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. Follow along with your group and meet Lisa online every Saturday morning at 9 am est on Facebook.

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Breakthrough Warrior Membership

Enjoy monthly themes, mantras, and a Live Group Call. If you are looking for a one stop shop for healing Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse, and you appreciate group support, this membership program is for you. This membership site is for those who are committed to self-study. Cancel anytime.

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Quantum Tools Law of Attraction Master Class

If you can surrender to the ABSOLUTE and NATURAL laws that govern this universe, you can Master the Quantum World that governs time and space. The world is a vibrational place and our emotions are energy in motion. Learning to Master your emotions, leads to mastering your life. Are you ready to Master Your Reality? Join Lisa each Sunday morning at 9 am est for a live group call while studying at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

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The Loving The Self Video and Meditation Program

You are enough, but your subconscious mind may not know that. If you are looking for insights, knowledge, guidance, and practical tools that can help you learn how to love the self, this is the program for you. If you grew up feeling invisible, and like it was your job to keep everyone around you happy, you’ve been running your life moving in the wrong direction. You’ve been looking for personal power outside of you instead of inside of you. That’s not your fault, of course. In order for a child to feel worthy of love, they need to feel loved by nurturing parents. If you were not nurtured effectively, it is not too late. You can now learn to give your inner child all that they always deserved and live a life more connected to the true, divine self.

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When we are codependent,
we are not independent.

As codependents we tend to attach and in the attaching to some external relationship, person, or experience, we detach from the self.

Codependency is a faulty way of viewing the self as well as the world. The lens that we view life through is tainted but we don't know it. All human beings are born asleep, but again, we don't know it. What has been impressed upon the subconscious mind while we were children and in hypnotic brainwave states has become the maps we use to navigate our adult lives. If our childhoods were chaotic, unsafe, and unpredictable, as adults we attract people, situations and experiences that mirrors what took place in our lives when we were children.

  • What we believe we see. If we have been taught to believe we are unworthy or that life is unsafe, we will live our lives waiting for the next shoe to drop.
  • When our lives have been unpredictable and we have been conditioned to suppress and deny our emotions, as adults we may seek to CONTROL others as well as things and situations that are outside our ability to control.
  • When we are codependent, we fail to set personal as well as external boundaries. We may live in a perpetual state of powerlessness, and seeking to fend off hidden shame.
  • Gaslighting is a form of psychological and emotional abuse aimed at gaining control and power over a victim. Many abused adult children have suffered from gaslighting as well as other forms of abuse. Gaslighting causes victims to doubt their reality.
  • Children who have grown up in homes that were abrasive, dysfunctional, hostile, emotionally abusive, and alike, are more prone to depression, anxiety, reactivity, and codependency.

As adults, we owe it to ourselves to awaken from the dream state that codependency is, so we can finally live the authentic lives every human being has the potential to live.

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