Breakthrough Warrior Membership

A Complete Online Resource - Teaching You How to Reclaim Your Heart, Mind, Body and Life after a lifetime of abuse.

Mini Courses, Books, Podcasts, Live Calls with me and MORE!

Dear Ones! I have finally begun creating a membership site that will house my lessons, mini-courses, programs, audio books, affirmations, podcasts, interviews, and more.  Look forward to LIVE calls with me each month, where we get to hash out what is troubling you the most. Private Facebook Group is included with this membership. Please join this waiting list so you can receive exclusive membership perks!

It's Not Your Fault

You Really are ENOUGH

It's Only Your Programming we need to fix--not YOU--YOU are PERFECT!

It is possible to heal from faulty unconscious childhood programming, but not without the right knowledge, guidance, and support.  My aim is to offer the resources you need to heal from Codependency, Narcissistic Abuse, anxiety, depression, self-doubt, guilt, shame and any other faulty illusions that are keeping you stuck.



I have SO much information out there between Youtube, my Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Radio Interviews and Podcasts, but I thought it would be awesome if I could offer it all one place and in the proper context so people could take FULL advantage of the work that I offer.


This membership site will offer you AMAZING values!

When you join you get access to:

  1. exclusive courses
  2. exclusive members only videos
  3. podcasts
  4. my books
  5. my daily affirmations
  6. membership badges
  7. workbooks
  8. meditations 
  9. goal lists
  10. journal prompts
  11. healing exercises 
  12. monthly LIVE classroom Q&A calls
  13. private Facebook Group
  14. and of course--lots more...
  15. As a member you will receive discounts as well as receive special consideration on all my events and promotions. 

I am really looking forward to paying special attention to this Membership Site and offering all of you who join, the opportunity to make the most out of what my work has to offer.

We ARE stronger TOGETHER and together we CAN and WILL change the world.

We will be in touch soon...

All my love, 

Lisa A. Romano

Breakthrough Life Coach