Loving the Self-Our Journey Home Video Series

It is NOT your fault if you do not know how to love the self!

Do you struggle with feeling invisible?

Do you wish you could feel like you were living an authentic life?

Do you struggle with codependency and a lack of self-love?

Did you struggle with knowing how to love the self?

If so, this video series is for you.

Upon registration, you can begin this program immediately. 

This program includes;

  • Four video lessons
  • Four self-hypnosis downloadable meditations
  • Four PDF's that are printer friendly
  • Online forum 

Many of us simply do not know how to put ourselves first.  We have been raised to think more about others than ourselves and have found ourselves caught up feeling guilty or ashamed when we dare to consider our personal needs.

What many people do not realize is that in order to know how to love the self, we first must identify what we are doing wrong and hone in on what is getting in the way of our being able to honor the self. 

Video Lessons

Part One teaches you about the one misunderstood emotion we all must learn to appreciate if we are going to be able to set healthy boundaries and ultimately be able to love the self.

Part Two teaches you about the pitfalls of the psychological self and what you need to do to stay in alignment with the inner self.

Part Three teaches you about the misunderstood Inner Critic and what you can do to begin integrating the multifaceted aspects of you so you can experience wholeness, abundance, fulfillment, and peace.

Part Four teaches you about Supreme Self Care and what simple steps you can take to ensure you stay on the track to being able to live your most authentic life yet.

Healing the Faulty Paradigms 

The meditations included have been created with theta brainwave frequencies.  Each meditation reinforces the precise lessons of self-love and self-care you are taught in each video.  Using these meditations in conjunction with the video lessons increases your chances of reprogramming your subconscious mind.  The goal is to help you heal the faulty paradigms that have you stuck, repeating the negative patterns from the past, that have been downloaded into the subconscious mind.


Along with the video lessons and meditations, you will also receive print-friendly PDF's that reinforce the lessons you have learned.  They include highlights, journaling prompts, and practical life skills you can put to immediate use.

I have created this online program for people just like me, who have grown up feeling like their needs didn't matter.  As a younger woman, I had no clue that I did not love myself. I thought that because I complained, that meant I had a self. When my first marriage fell apart, and I found myself alone for the first time in my life, it was then I realized what a shell of a person I really was.

As I journeyed forward, I made a ton of mistakes and all of those mistakes could be linked back to a lack of self-love.

It is my hope, that those of you who take advantage of this online class, take away all the lessons I learned along the way to learning how to love my self.

You are enough, but your subconscious mind may not know that.

If you are looking for insights, knowledge, guidance, and practical tools that can help you learn how to love the self, this is the program for you.