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Overcoming the Trauma of the Past
On-Demand Codependency Presentation

With Breakthrough Life Coach and Best Selling Author, Lisa A. Romano

Learn more about how Lisa's 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program can help you reconnect with the self, heal the inner child, learn to regulate emotions, find confidence in your ability to make decisions, learn how to set healthy boundaries, make yourself a priority, and move forward in life with a sense of gratitude.

Break free of those beliefs, vibrations, and habitual behaviors that keep you attracting the types of personalities into your life that mirror the past. You can BREAKTHROUGH and break free!

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More about Lisa's 12 WeekBreakthrough Coaching Program:

The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program has been recommended by psychotherapists as well as neuroscientists. This program addresses the CORE issues that keep human beings stuck repeating dysfunctional patterns of the past.

This presentation is for you if you;

  • Struggle with feeling not good enough
  • Worry more about the needs and wants of others than your own
  • Feel unworthy of peace, contentment, abundance and authentic-mature love
  • Find it difficult to trust the self, your emotions, needs, and wants
  • Worry that what you feel, believe, or desire is valid
  • Keep attracting narcissistic or highly dismissive people into your life experience
  • Find relating to others in a healthy way difficult
  • Lose yourself inside relationship dynamics

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