Feb 07, 2019

Enlightenment Equals Ego Death

by Lisa A. Romano

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Ego is that aspect of our personality that has been designed to negotiate the innate needs and impulses of the inner child with the outside world. We may have times where we want to scream or curse someone out, but our ego may realize this is not socially acceptable or ethically responsible.

The ego will work to protect the inner child from further injury. Some of us have been conditioned to tone ourselves down to avoid additional pain, while others have learned to lash out at others as a way to teach others to back off so to avoid further emotional pain.

Neither is healthy.

What is important to acknowledge is that enlightenment requires a letting go and the release of the need to shut down or lash out. When faced with the choice to let go, ego will feel threatened and to the unaware mind, this threat will cause a crisis.

The enlightened mind will look within and change in self what needs to be changed for the purpose of peace on the outside as well as on the inside. A young ego will retreat, recoil, or feel victimized and blame others for the personal work they refuse to do.

Ego does not want to die. Ego will work overtime until a more enlightened consciousness arrives.

Enlightenment, humility, inner child work, maturity, personal growth, and spiritual development and expanded consciousness all require ego to sleep.

Ego will not go down without resistance. It must be convinced Higher Self can protect the Inner Child.

Be wise and always choose humility and peace❤️

Be willing to change and to evolve past fear, this is the way😇

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