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The Road Back To Me

Within all of us is an inner child who has been taught about their value through the experiences of childhood. If you have been raised by people who caused you to feel invisible and unworthy, this book can help you reconnect with your own inner child.

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This book is written through the eyes of a child who has been born to people who cannot 'see' her. The author recalls with amazing detail the thoughts and emotions she experienced while living in a home that was infused with guilt and shame. Lisa A. Romano has done an outstanding job at helping us recovering adult children of alcoholics remember, own, and heal the emotions our caretakers programmed us to believe we had no right to feel. Bravo to Romano.

Healing and Recovering from Codependency, Addiction, Enabling, and Low Self-Esteem

This story is told through the jagged peephole of the author's awareness, examining her formative wounds and influences from the perspective of a woman who has now gained experience and wisdom. As she peers over her soul's shoulder, she recalls the chaos of her once-fragile childhood mind. She shudders as she is reminded of the sting of her lonely childhood, her feelings of abandonment, and her painful memories of being bullied. Her childhood self was once so lost that she even contemplated suicide. As the years progress, her mind is riddled with obsession, compulsion, and a crippling sense of low self-esteem. A turning point arrives many years later, after marriage and the birth of three children. This story is about healing the faulty programming of childhood. It is about recovery from relationship addiction, food addiction, anxiety, and constant fear. It is a human story that will resonate with readers from all walks of life, and which offers hope to anyone who has felt imprisoned by the past.

This book brings to the surface all the emotions a child is forced to deny when their home has been corrupted by the consequences of alcoholism, narcissism, perfectionism, and abuse of parental power. The author has done an inspiring job at expressing the emotions as well as the perceptions a child experiences when a home is infused with denial. Poignant in her delivery, all of us adult children of alcoholics will feel as if she has written this story for our benefit as much as for hers.

If you are ready to face the elephants in the room, this author is powerful enough to help you do so.

Meet Lisa A. Romano

Lisa A. Romano is a Certified Life Coach and bestselling author who specializes in empowering adult children from dysfunctional homes with the tools they need to move beyond limiting subconscious childhood programming.  Her 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program has been specifically created for people who are ready to confront their childhood wounds and reprogram their subconscious minds for success, abundance, and love.

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What others are saying about this book

"The Road Back to Me really brought me back to my childhood. Something necessary for healing childhood wounds as an adult. It triggered memories that I had long forgotten. For example, I was able to recall my relationship with neighborhood friends, what I did for fun as a child, how I felt as a child, how I felt in school when so and so did this.... how it felt to live in my childhood home with my family. And this book brought me back to get in touch with "feelings" in order to help me recover more of my innocent child self... My true essence. After reading this book, ...I have grown leaps and bounds in my relationship so fast. I didn't know I had choices. I was able to bring up old feelings and release them so I could heal. I recommend this book for anyone who is struggling in their adult life to please others. Now I'm choosing my own road."


"This book is the reason that I am alive today. My whole life, I felt like I was never good enough for anybody. I felt like I was so alone, that I would be better off dead. This book got me to see that what I experienced when I was little when I was a teenager, and what I have been experiencing now as a young adult was valid. I am not alone in this. Thank you for writing this book Lisa A Romano. Thank you for revealing your wounds to the world. Thank you for being a light and not being afraid to rock the boat because God only knows how hard that must have been. I will always be a fan of your work, and you have my support."


"I can’t say enough good things about Lisa A. Romano’s work. I seldom write reviews but I must say, the revelations I found in Road Back to Me, granted not only a letter to the author but and Amazon review. If you have struggled with codependency feelings of unworthiness or feeling invisible, I highly recommend this book. The Road Back to me is Lisa’s Story, it is not a how-to manual. I read it after watching her amazing video blog on Youtube (highly recommend it). I sobbed reading parts of Lisa’s story, as she captures so well the feelings of powerlessness that we experience as children when our well-meaning but imperfect parents try to teach us how to live. This is not about victimhood or blame, but about learning to honor our own experience as human beings. In a world that tries to convince us that our feelings aren’t real; Lisa shines a bright light on our right to be seen, heard and recognized as the divine and precious creatures we are. Thank Lisa, you have changed my life."


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"I had first heard Lisa from her YouTube channel where she shares a lot of thoughts and advice on people dealing with codependency (which, I highly recommend checking out because that information was life-changing and I consider finding her videos the turning-point in my anxiety/mental-health recovery). With that bias aside, allow me to express my utmost respect and adoration for this book. I was totally under the impression that this would be another self-help book on the market, but that just isn't the case. It's actually a collection of stories that all work in tandem to weave Lisa's life by looking through the lens of codependency and the effects of narcissistic or emotionally neglectful parents. Perhaps it's from actually hearing Lisa A Romano speaking through her YouTube channel, however, her writing really holds her voice well and the stories are absolutely MOVING. She took me there with her, years and years ago, feeling angry towards these people in her life that I will never meet ...I found that it was really empowering and helpful toward providing context to my own experiences. It can be challenging to make inner connections from what you experienced as a child to how that has created negative thought patterns in the present. Romano gives a rare, vulnerable perspective to this very concept by allowing us to get a glimpse into what she experienced and felt during quite a number of incredibly intense moments."


"An eye-opening story about the emotional effects the disease of alcoholism has on children, even when it skips a generation. Lisa Romano's story about growing up with two Adult Children of Alcoholic parents (ACOAs) and the low-self worth and codependency she inherited from it really hit home with me. I grew up in a similar home and related to her story. When you grow up in a home of active alcoholics/addicts you can see the alcohol/drugs use, there's a reason. But, when you are raised in a family of ACOAs, there's this elephant in the room, but you just can't see it--it's invisible. I found "The Road Back to Me" to be an inspirational story about understanding, recovering, and healing from the devastating effects of growing up in a (dry) alcoholic home. Lisa's story is motivating and encourages other ACOAs (like me) to strive for healing and recovery. Thank you Lisa for sharing your journey!"