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Loving The Self Affirmations - Book Two

It is almost impossible to love your self when you have never felt loved. This book helps you heal the childhood programming that is responsible for negative self-talk that is keeping you from living the life you always deserved.

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The Centers for Disease Control estimates that there is a death by suicide in the United States every thirteen minutes. According to the World Health Organization, there is one death by suicide every 40 seconds worldwide. These staggering statistics beg to ask the question, "Why?"

Loving The Self Affirmations Volume 2 is a book that has been written by an author who understands the answer to this intriguing question.

Her personal experience with emotional abuse, suicidal thoughts, and depression enhances her ability to speak to a reader’s soul in a way that only a person who has known the bottomless pits of despair can relate to. As an author, Romano has penned a book that seems to speak a secret language that lost souls can understand, and appreciate.

Loving The Self Affirmations Volume 2 speaks to what Romano believes is at the root cause of many suicides; self-alienation, and self-condemnation. Through her personal as well as professional experience as a sought-after international Life Coach, Romano has discovered that without sufficient, proper external validation and nurturing from caretakers, children tend to grow up feeling disconnected from their internal realities. Consistently being ignored, abused, neglected or treated with indifference creates dysfunctional programming within the child's impressionable mind.

Unchecked, data received from the outside causes the child to perceive his/her Self as unworthy, and not good enough.

Loving The Self Affirmations Volume 2 speaks directly to the perceptions that are responsible for the childhood programs that are unconsciously running the person’s adult life. Brilliantly crafted, Romano has found a way to help people detach from their negative thoughts about Self to be able to comprehend the possibility of changing those programs.

In addition, at the heart of every affirmation is the message, "You are enough, and always were, even if those you loved were unable to love you the way you needed and deserved to be loved.

Meet Lisa A. Romano

Lisa A. Romano is a Certified Life Coach and bestselling author who specializes in empowering adult children from dysfunctional homes with the tools they need to move beyond limiting subconscious childhood programming. Her 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program has been specifically created for people who are ready to confront their childhood wounds and reprogram their subconscious minds for success, abundance, and love.

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What others are saying about this book

"Every few years a truly remarkable book comes along that catapults our life beyond anything that it’s ever been. This is such a book. Loving The Self Affirmations: Healing Childhood Brainwashing is a compassionate every-person’s guide through—and out of—the perils of an inhumane upbringing. Romano’s reframes are comparable to Tony Robbins… swift rejuvenation at the core level of being. A must-read for millions “crippled for life” by the invisible soul murder of narcissism. Empaths, highly sensitives, scapegoats, co-dependents, addicts and the abandoned will recognize themselves on each page. "Evil" is "live" backwards. Trauma reversal is possible—once you wash the brainwash legacy. Romano joins powerhouses van der Kolk and Maté in showing us the way."


"Lisa a Romano writes and teaches on codependency based on her own life experiences. She nails it!! This book is a daily reminder that my unconscious perception of myself is the product of my childhood programming. Lisa writes "Once upon a time I was unaware that deeply rooted in my subconscious mind was the belief that I was not enough. So ingrained within my subconscious mind this one single thought infected every action feeling and thought I experienced. Unaware that I unconsciously sought happiness outside of myself, I was also unaware that I sought happiness in the validation of others". Her teachings show us how to recover from the "I am not enough" syndrome. So treat yourself to this book (the same price as 3 cappacinos) and I highly recommend reading the other 4 books she has written and watching to her FREE YouTube videos on codependency."

Joy King

"Hi, Very good...takes a person back to childhood issues and explains that they are innocent...parents affected them perhaps in a negative way that programmed them to still react in a certain way even as an adult. Parents did the best they could, but people may rise above it now once they understand and not blame parents and just know you are on this earth and can make the best of it now. People may have triggers, but with God's help they may heal and learn to give/receive love. We can fill up with God's love/help/guidance. We are not alone. God is real and answers prayers. Kids maybe brainwashed and she gives great examples so a very thought provoking book, but once they understand they may not take thing personally from their parents and can mature and be an adult...less adult/child and learn to interact with others in a more normal way. People can learn to love themselves and learn they are enough. They can learn to steer way from unhealthy relationships where they are not enough again and find/make healthy relationships that they can thrive in. Being alone is not the answer, but learning boundaries/learning what is healthy etc. Thanks Lisa for this book. You write a 2nd book with more examples that people may enjoy. I found church fellowship to help me get away from a narcissist. They accepted me/hugged me/listened to me/cared/spent time with me/helped my self esteem and changed my life. People need support...can't heal in isolation always. The church fellowship gave me love which I could then give to more people and be confident in the world and be happy/feel secure. Each person needs to find people who accept them as enough and don't judge them. God is real...ask God to help."


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"I have read all if Lisa's books! She is brilliant and very real! Having her as my life coach is changing my life. I am blessed. I use both of her affirmations books as part of my morning meditation ritual. It helps me to set my intentions for my day, to live in peace and gratitude for all the abundance in my life. It also helps me to differentiate my programming for my True and Divine nature. Lisa is a hero, my hero!"


"Touches your soul on every level! A must read for those of us who are trying to heal while working towards growing to ourselves! Very comforting and motivational! A MUST READ!"