From Best-Selling Author, Lisa A. Romano

Loving The Self Affirmations - Book One

It's not you-it's your programming and that is why in order to heal, you MUST address the faulty BELIEFS that are rolling around in that magnificent head of yours. Once you know what beliefs are corrupt, you can heal them with these life-changing affirmations.

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When you have been the victim of abuse, loving the Self is not an easy thing to do. But in order to live a more satisfying life experience, one must heal the wounds of the past, so that the connection to Self can be made. Once the wounds have healed, and the mind’s chatter has eased, loving the Self then becomes possible. All love starts with Self-love.

If you have been wondering why it has felt impossible to love and care for your self, this book holds the answers. You will learn to begin to understand how being denied love, attention, and validation leads an innocent child’s mind to believe they are not good enough. You will learn to appreciate the absolute value of an emotional connection to those you love and what happens when those bonds are incomplete, fractured, and insignificant.

This book has been created for those wishing to break through the subconscious programs that keep a mind stuck recycling the painful experiences of the past. If you are the adult child of an alcoholic, narcissist, sociopath or other forms of dysfunctional caretaker, this book will allow you the chance to understand how feeling abandoned caused you to eventually abandon the self.

  • If you feel invisible
  • If you feel unworthy
  • If you people-please
  • If you lack boundaries
  • If you struggle with saying no
  • If you rescue, fix and cater to the needs of others

...then this book is for you.

Remember Dear One, it was never you, it was only your programming.

Meet Lisa A. Romano

Lisa A. Romano is a Certified Life Coach and bestselling author who specializes in empowering adult children from dysfunctional homes with the tools they need to move beyond limiting subconscious childhood programming. Her 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program has been specifically created for people who are ready to confront their childhood wounds and reprogram their subconscious minds for success, abundance, and love.

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What others are saying about this book

"Loving loving myself. I wish I could say I look at them every day. But I do not. I am busy. But when I do I am happy that I did. I am always amazed that whatever day it is I look at just fits with what I am going through at the moment. I've done short affirmations for a number of years. Short phrases that I can say over and over in my head or out loud. But it is nice having something to mull over a little more deeply. It's sort of like having the explanation for "I am good enough"

Daniela Ryan

"This is a great quick read for anyone who struggles being too much in their own head and worrying about self worth. Opening to any page, Loving the Self Affirmations can give you a quick check-in with one's self and perhaps cause a more positive, energetic shift. It's like having a good friend offering advice just by flipping to any page in this book."


"This is the best codependent affirmation book I have read and I have been at this recovery business for quite awhile now. I read the whole book and now I read one affirmation a day. I Love the cover of this book. It really says it all. The adult "us" is in charge now and we don't have to be afraid anymore."


Get Your Copy of This Book Today!

"I loved this book, I could never understand why my family lived like a pack of wolves and it was every man for him self. Now I am learning why it is this way and the ways to change so that I can have true peace in my life. I would recommend this book and her other books as well to anyone that is struggling with low self esteem."