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Healing Codependency Mindset

Are you still dreaming in illusions and believing what you hear your mind repeating on loop, or are you beginning to better understand the dualistic nature of the universe, as well as the dualistic nature of the human mind?

Codependency is living below the veil of consciousness. When you are codependent you don't know you are living in the past, recreating the past, and unaware you are unaware. 

Healing from the codependency mindset is your chance to liberate your authentic self. What we fail to make conscious, we are doomed to recreate and manifest in our adult lives.

Denial patterns are real and they are what keep codependent people stuck, living with abusive partners, staying stuck in dead-end jobs, and feeling unable to connect to their authentic selves. If you are new to learning about codependency and how it ties into consciousness, this lecture by Lisa A. Romano will help inspire you to do all you can to free yourself from the subconscious programs of the past. 

This audio is 29:42 seconds in length.