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The Three Deadly R's That Keep You Stuck

You can't fix a hole in the wall you cannot see. 

In this audio lecture, you will learn about one of Lisa's most helpful strategy steps. This audio cannot be found anywhere on YouTube. You can only find this audio here. 

  • Are you stuck on the recovery path?
  • Have you found yourself going to meeting after meeting only to find yourself without actual tools to help you break love addiction and codependency?
  • Have you discovered that information about codependency is not enough and that you need tools to help you heal from ACOA issues?
  • Do you find yourself lost without tools to help you stop manifesting toxic relationships?

If you are ready to embrace tools that can help you SHIFT your life, get out your pen and a piece of paper. Lisa breaks it down! 

Learn what you have been doing wrong and learn what you can do to help you resonate with higher frequencies! 

Purchasing this audio is an act of faith! When you put faith into action and you invest in a product like this, you are shifting your energy! 

Are you ready to make the shifts you need to change your life?

If so, get ready to ask, receive, and believe!

In true Lisa fashion, she says it like it is and sugar coats nothing. If you are someone who is willing to do what has to get done to heal your life, this audio will blow your mind. 

There are three deadly R's that keep us all stuck and once you learn what they are, you can use the tools Lisa offers to change your paradigm.