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November 2023 Master Class Three Payment Plan

This class will launch on November 9th, 2023

Embark on a transformative journey from survival to thriving with Lisa A. Romano's "8 Week Master Class." This comprehensive program serves as the logical next step for individuals awakening from the revelations of the 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program, providing the essential skills to focus on manifesting dreams and goals.

Key Features:

  1. Designed for the Awakening Soul: Tailored for those emerging from below the veil, this master class addresses the unique challenges faced by adult children awakening from survival mode. It recognizes that the struggle is not them; it's their programming, and it offers them the wisdom, insight, and tools they have been seeking to better understand and apply the principles that govern the vibrational world. 

  2. Week-by-Week Transformation: Each week unfolds a new layer of self-mastery, from surrendering to Universal Laws to evolving one's relationship with money. The course addresses key areas such as emotions, connection to source, and transforming how participants perceive the world. Quantum science proves that subatomic particles change from wave to particle simply by being observed or measured. In this course, Lisa offers students the practical knowledge they need to be able to apply the principles of the law of attraction in profound and meaningful ways they, as healing adult children, can appreciate and put into practical use immediately.

  3. Focused on the Challenges Created by Codependency, self-doubt, the Fear of Rejection, and Unworthiness: This course's specific design for those grappling with codependency, feelings of unworthiness, and the insatiable need for approval sets it apart. While other Law of Attraction courses seem to oversimplify principles, this course dives deep into the emotional, mental, and vibrational blocks so many adult children struggle with. Once the block is unveiled, it is far easier for an adult child to effectively begin applying the principles of the law of vibration to their thoughts, emotions, relationships, wants, and dreams! 

  4. Comprehensive Learning Tools: The program includes 8 weeks of video training, journaling exercises, homework assignments, guided meditations to elevate consciousness and frequency, assessments, and a certificate of completion. If you participate in a live class, your access to the Master Class Private Facebook Group continues, and you are able to view the weekly livestreams at your leisure whenever you desire. 

  5. Live Class Interaction: Engage with a vibrant community through a private Facebook Group, where Lisa conducts weekly live Q&A sessions, providing participants with direct access to her insights and guidance. All live streams are recorded on our Private Facebook Group and added to the website program as well, making it incredibly easy for you to make the most out of this life-designing program!

Week-by-Week Breakdown:

  • Week One: Surrender to the Universal Laws
  • Week Two: Mastering Your Emotions as Energy
  • Week Three: Unveiling Your Connection to Source
  • Week Four: Mastering Your Mind
  • Week Five: Living in Nonresistance versus Resistance
  • Week Six: Becoming a Magnet for the Relationship You Desire
  • Week Seven: Evolving Your Relationship with Money
  • Week Eight: Changing the Way You Look at Things

Why Choose the 8-Week Master Class?

This program is not just about awakening; it's about empowering participants with the tools to shape their destinies. It is an invitation to transform perspectives, master emotions, and manifest a life aligned with one's deepest desires. It's an opportunity to gain the tools you need to learn HOW TO focus on what you want as opposed to worrying about what you don't want. 

You are eligible for Soul School, a Cousre in Love Consciousness, upon completion.

To learn more about Soul School, contact us at [email protected]  

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