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Advanced Codependency 12-Part Audio Training Series

Healing Codependency is the Path to the Expansion of Consciousness

Human beings are 95% unconscious 95% of the time. We are not taught to think about the way we think, and that is why Codependency is so difficult to heal from. What's wrong is subconscious. To heal we must learn to access what is stored and programmed into the subconscious mind. 

You cannot fix a hole in the wall you cannot see. If you do not know what codependency is, how it impacts your life, and what behaviors and beliefs you possess that cause you to live as a codependent person, you cannot heal.

Dear One, this is not your fault. 

For these reasons, I have recorded a 12 Part Advanced Codependency Audio Series for anyone who is serious about healing from Codependency. This is a priceless series, anyone who is struggling with codependency can use to help them awaken to the thoughts and programs that are keeping them stuck. 

Codependency is rooted in childhood. If you have been taught to believe your emotions are insignificant, you will naturally detach from the inner self and focus more on those around you. This sadly, makes you a magnet for narcissistic others. 

If you wish to learn to connect with your inner self, and if you are ready to learn what it means to create healthy behaviors that can make you narcissist repellant, this audio series is for you. 

When you heal from codependency you awaken to your true divine self! 


Advanced 12 Part Codependency Recovery Audio Series

Upon purchase, you receive 12 individual healing and recovery lessons. This is a priceless series to listen to with a partner or to use alone as you embrace the recovery path. 

Part 1 - Introduction to Codependency
Part 2 - Pain vs Pleasure
Part 3 - 1, 2, 3 Process
Part 4 - Quantum Time Line
Part 5 - Empathy For The Self
Part 6 - Accountability
Part 7 - Seeking Your Own Validation First
Part 8 - Letting Go
Part 9 - Face Your Fears
Part 10 - Hacking the Subconscious Mind
Part 11 - Balance 9 Areas Of Your Life
Part 12 - Ten Codependent Commandments

Lisa's 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program is helping those suffering from codependency and narcissistic abuse, who have grown up in alcoholic, narcissistic, and unpredictable childhood homes, reclaim their sense of self. Therapists and psychologists agree, Lisa's approach is groundbreaking. 

To learn more about Lisa's 50% off offer for her online and on-demand 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program visit