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Compliment your journey with the Boundary Building Workbook and audio workshop.

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Compliment your journey of self-discovery and empowerment with Lisa A. Romano's "Boundary Building Workbook and Audio Workshop," an invaluable resource that stands as a beacon for those seeking to break free from codependent patterns and embrace higher states of consciousness.

Key Features:

  1. Immediate Download: Gain instant access to the workbook and audio from one of Lisa's most popular live workshop events. This downloadable resource lets you commence your transformative journey immediately, offering flexibility and convenience.

  2. Companion for the 12-Part Advanced Audio on Codependency: This workbook and audio workshop seamlessly complement Lisa's 12-Part Advanced Audio on Codependency. Together, they form a comprehensive toolkit for understanding and breaking free from codependent, self-sabotaging thought patterns.

  3. The Necessity for New Knowledge: Explore the profound impact of new knowledge on breaking through codependent thinking. Lisa's insights guide you towards a higher state of consciousness, enabling you to challenge and overcome codependent patterns with newfound understanding.

  4. Types of Emotional Boundaries: Delve into the various emotional boundaries crucial for those navigating codependency or the adult child from a toxic childhood home. Gain insights into the importance of enforcing boundaries for emotional balance and self-confidence.

  5. Metacognition and Breaking Patterns: Understand the faulty thinking associated with considering boundaries. Establish metacognition to elevate your awareness and break free from patterns, fostering the ability to make healthier decisions and navigate life from a higher state of consciousness.

Why the Boundary Building Workbook and Audio Workshop?

This resource isn't just a workbook and audio; it's a roadmap to breaking free from codependency and embracing a life of emotional balance and self-confidence. Lisa's expertise and guidance empower you to understand, establish, and enforce boundaries, fostering a transformative journey towards higher states of consciousness.

Step into a new chapter of self-empowerment with Lisa A. Romano's "Boundary Building Workbook and Audio Workshop." Download now and embark on a journey of breaking free from codependency and reclaiming your authentic self.

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Advanced Codependency 12-Part Audio Training Series -- DOWNLOAD TODAY

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment with Lisa A. Romano's "12 Part Advanced Audio Series on Codependency," a comprehensive guide designed to unveil the root causes of codependency and break free from patterns of people-pleasing, fear of rejection, and becoming a doormat for others.

Key Features:

  1. Unraveling the Mysteries of Codependency (Audio 1): Begin your transformative journey by unraveling the complexities of codependency, laying the foundation for understanding and healing.

  2. Your Brain and Codependency; Pain versus Pleasure (Audio 2): Explore the intricate relationship between your brain and codependency, differentiating between pain and pleasure responses to foster self-awareness.

  3. Fix Your Thinking Quick with the 1-2-3 Process (Audio 3): Learn a practical process to swiftly shift your thinking, breaking free from negative patterns that perpetuate codependency.

  4. Getting Real: Your Quantum Timeline (Audio 4): Dive into your quantum timeline, gaining insights into past experiences and timelines that contribute to current codependent patterns.

  5. Empathy for the Self (Audio 5): Develop a compassionate relationship with yourself, fostering empathy and self-understanding as essential components of healing.

  6. Develop Gentle Accountability: Healing Hidden Shame with Love (Audio 6): Cultivate gentle accountability as a tool to heal hidden shame, fostering self-love and acceptance.

  7. Seek the Validation of Self First: Breakthrough the Need for Approval (Audio 7): Break free from the need for external validation by seeking validation from within, empowering you to overcome approval-seeking behaviors.

  8. Master the Mental Art of Letting Go (Audio 8): Acquire the skills to master the art of letting go, releasing attachments that hinder your growth and well-being.

  9. You Got This: Facing Your Fears (Audio 9): Confront and overcome your fears, developing resilience and confidence in your ability to navigate challenges.

  10. How to Hack Your Subconscious Mind and Win (Audio 10): Gain insights into hacking your subconscious mind, rewiring self-limiting beliefs, and fostering positive change.

  11. Balance These 9 Areas in Your Life Consciously (Audio 11): Achieve balance in key areas of your life, consciously shaping a holistic and fulfilling existence.

  12. Honor the Self with These 10 Codependent Commandments (Audio 12): Conclude your transformative journey with a set of empowering Codependent Commandments, guiding you towards a life rooted in self-honor.

Why the 12 Part Advanced Audio Series on Codependency?

Listening to these recordings isn't just a journey to understand codependency; it's a transformative process of reprogramming your mind. Break free from self-limiting beliefs, embrace self-growth, dignity, respect, and love, evolving into the worthwhile human being you are meant to be.

Download the "12 Part Advanced Audio Series on Codependency" now and embark on a profound journey of self-liberation and empowerment.

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