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Embark on a transformative journey towards love and self-discovery with Lisa A. Romano's "Achieve Meaningful Love" Meditation Bundle. This carefully curated collection comprises five powerful guided meditations designed to enhance your relationship with yourself and manifest the love you desire.

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Bundle Highlights: 5 Meditations Included!!!

  1. Manifest Love Meditation: Unlock the secrets of manifesting love with this empowering meditation, guiding you to reshape your mindset and become a magnet for meaningful connections.

  2. Enhanced Self Love Guided Meditation: Cultivate a profound sense of self-love with this guided meditation, designed to foster a positive self-image and strengthen your foundation for healthy relationships.

  3. Attract the Love You Desire Meditation: Immerse yourself in this meditation to align your energy with the love you desire. By addressing subconscious limiting beliefs, you can attract fulfilling relationships.

  4. Healing the Illusions of the Past Meditation: This transformative meditation releases the grip of past illusions and emotional wounds, clearing the path for a love-filled future.

  5. Heal the World Meditation: Extend the healing ripple beyond yourself with this meditation, fostering a connection with universal love and contributing to collective well-being.

Why "Achieve Meaningful Love"?

Unlocking meaningful love often requires addressing subconscious limiting beliefs. This meditation bundle serves as a powerful tool to correct these beliefs, paving the way for the love you truly deserve. Lisa's expertly crafted meditations guide you through the process, facilitating a profound shift in your approach to relationships.

Complement to Loving the Self Video and Meditation Program:

Enhance your self-love journey by seamlessly integrating the "Achieve Meaningful Love" Meditation Bundle with the Loving the Self Video and Meditation Program. Together, they form a comprehensive toolkit for self-discovery, fostering a deeper connection with yourself and inviting love into your life.

Embrace the transformative power of guided meditations and magnetize meaningful love into your life. Download the "Achieve Meaningful Love" Meditation Bundle now and embark on a journey toward love, healing, and self-discovery.

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Loving the Self Video Program -- Just $99

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing with Lisa A. Romano's "Loving The Self Video and Meditation Program." This transformative program addresses the stumbling blocks associated with self-love, particularly for those who have experienced emotional neglect or had to navigate life in survival mode.

Key Features:

  1. Addressing Emotional Neglect and Survival Mode: Delve into the complexities of self-love by recognizing and dismantling stumbling blocks associated with emotional neglect and surviving in a perpetual state of crisis. Lisa's insightful program provides a roadmap for overcoming these challenges.

  2. Healthy Anger Processing: Learn to navigate and process anger in a healthy and constructive manner. Lisa's program empowers you with tools to express and understand anger, fostering emotional healing and resilience.

  3. Understanding Attachment and Self-Care: Uncover the intricate dynamics of attachment and its impact on self-care. Gain insights into how the brain may resist self-love if it threatens existing attachments, helping you navigate the delicate balance between nurturing yourself and maintaining connections.

Benefits of the Program:

  1. Integrative Approach: Experience a holistic journey to self-love with an integrative approach that combines meditation, journaling exercises, and video training. This multifaceted approach ensures a comprehensive and transformative learning experience.

  2. Meditation for Mindful Healing: Guided meditations provide a soothing space for introspection, aiding in healing and fostering a deeper connection with oneself.

  3. Journaling Exercises for Self-Reflection: Engage in meaningful self-reflection with purposeful journaling exercises. Uncover layers of your emotional landscape and gain clarity on your path to self-love.

  4. Video Training for In-Depth Understanding: Lisa's video training offers in-depth insights, providing a visual and auditory learning experience that complements the program's meditative and reflective aspects.


4 Part Training:

Part One
Accept Yourself and Make Peace with Negative Emotions
Until we integrate negative emotions, our brains will try to run from them. In order to love the self, we must accept all aspects of the self.

Part Two
Understand Yourself Psychological Self
Until we understand what makes us -- us, we can't expect others to know us better than we know ourselves.

Part Three
Embrace the Inner Critic
This lesson teaches you to understand that you are not the inner critic. You are the observer of the inner critic's narrative.

Part Four
Supreme Self Care
Only when you are able to seek your own validation can you ever truly love the self. This lesson brings it all home!

Why Loving The Self Video and Meditation Program?

This program is not just a guide to self-love; it is a comprehensive toolkit designed to empower you on your journey of healing and self-discovery. Lisa's integrative approach ensures that you receive a well-rounded understanding of self-love, equipping you with the tools needed to overcome challenges and nurture a profound sense of self-worth.

Embark on this transformative journey with the "Loving The Self Video and Meditation Program" and redefine your relationship with yourself.