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Haley's Testimonial

If you are questioning or doubting for any reason to not do this program, tell that voice to PIPE DOWN and sign up RIGHT NOW.

This person and this voice was me leading up until June 2017. I was scared going into Lisa’s program and the price tag was terrifying for me. (I was coming from a huge lack mentality – you’ll learn about this in the program ) BUT there was something inside of me that knew I needed this program. Something led me to this program and I am so glad I jumped at the chance to start it and did not let my fear control me.

In February of this year I had an emotional break down and made the discovery that I was codependent.  Two months later in April, I had left a terrible relationship with an addicted covert narcissist. I was at my lowest of lows, lost, empty, and controlled by fear and others opinions of me. From discovering and watching Lisa’s videos and working her meditations, somewhere in between Feb & April, she had awoken something in me….for the first time in my life I had hope that this program could help heal me and be the answer to all the hurt and pain I’ve been feeling for far too long.

The bottom line is this. You are worthy. You are enough. You deserve to heal from the pain you have been constantly living with. And this program is the kick-start to your healing.

The past 9 weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions, thoughts, up’s and downs for sure. I expect this to continue, but I am well equipped now. I am not afraid of things that will come up – I know I have skills to handle panic moments, bad thoughts, going down the rabbit hole, etc.

The road back to you is a tough road, but it is the best road I have ever been on. It is the only road I want to be on.  I know now that my happiness and self worth is not something I can find outside or in anyone else. It is inside of ME. Through this program I am learning and gaining tools to combat all the bad programming my parents have downloaded into me and am working on uploading better programming.

The value you will gain from this program is beyond measure. I cannot believe I am the person I am sitting here right now typing this testimonial. Lisa and her program are amazing – the weekly homework, printouts, videos, livestreams and meditations are all beautifully done and extremely helpful. This program has changed my life. I have gone from a small, stay out of the way person to becoming and honoring my real, true self. I am not ashamed to be who I am anymore.

This program has also sparked the understanding that I am my own person. I had been walking through life 30 years old completely blind to the fact that I have a self. I HAVE A SELF! That is huge to me. I am not my mom, I am not my dad, I am not my past! I have spent most of my life in denial, making the real me as small as possible in order to sustain the poor relationships I have had. The real me has never been known until now!

I have taken a good hard look at my life, choices, and incidents of the past, which led to how I got here. Today, I have a much better understanding of why I am attracting what I have attracted. I come from a long family line of addiction and codependency which you guessed it, was handed directly to me. It has tainted my entire family. I have felt alone for so long and never understood WHY until taking this course. I come from a family of sleepwalkers who have never seen me or connected to the real me. It’s very sad, but I am also now capable of understanding that people will be who they are. They’re just stuck in the loops of their own bad programming. I have no control over what they choose to see or how they choose to live their life.

I have only known terrible, emotionally abusive relationships with narcissistic and/or addicted men who do not and did not ever see me. I have made the connection that I have spent years chasing validation, craving to be seen, glomming onto people and expecting them to live my life, give it meaning and protect me all because I never got any of this approval, validation or love from my own parents. 

Lisa and this program have given me the tools to work through my feelings, to understand I was worthy the moment I was born. I have the tools in my shed to validate the person I am and any feelings I may have – to know I am a real person whose wants, needs, and feelings are valid.

The biggest focus for me has been drilling into my own head that I am enough. I work every day on telling myself I am enough and protecting myself from painful people and situations. I now pay attention to my thoughts and feelings and try my best to focus on things I desire – if something hurts me or I don’t like it….I CAN WALK AWAY OR STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!

What a concept!

Lisa and this program will give you the blueprint to ‘re-parent’ yourself and get what you never had as a child if you come from a dysfunctional/codependent home.

I am no longer interested in pain or anything that brings it. Relationships will fall away, there will be great loneliness at times, but right now I am at a point where I’d rather be alone than in pain. I am actually enjoying getting to know me, what I like, what I want and starting to shape my life how I want it to be. I am not waiting for anyone else’s validation anymore! It is beautiful!

Another great takeaway from this program is learning to simply be with myself. Honoring this self, cherishing this self, and being so proud that I’m doing something to better my life. Each day I try to nurture myself more and more. It is just so freeing to be aware and learn about my programming while understanding I can change it!

You don’t have to be stuck anymore! For the first time in my life I am truly there for me. I am not leaving the care of my “self” up to anyone but ME and for the first time ever I know I am in good hands; my own.

I have found myself because of you Lisa (and the 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program) and I am eternally grateful. If I had to make the choice to do this course over I wouldn’t question it for a second. The work is not fast or easy, but it is the greatest work I could ever be doing for myself.

Thank you.