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Faiza Recommends Lisa A. Romano's Breakthrough Coaching Program

I have suffered from anxiety, depression and low self-esteem since childhood and was clueless as to what could be wrong with me .I was in and out of therapy for many years and nothing seemed to really work for me. Eventually I became fed up with everything. Last June I came across Lisa’s Youtube channel and after watching many of her videos it became clear to me that there was nothing wrong with me except the way I was raised as a child.

I have suffered from narcissistic abuse and as a result developed codependency. Right away I KNEW that I had to take The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program for my healing. I saved money and signed up for the program offered in September,2016.

The first month of the program woke me up from the unconsciousness caused by Codependency and my hyper-vigilance began to reduce, as I found myself embracing my childhood wounds. The meditations in this program literally release the trauma from the cells of your body. I could feel this release happening inside of me. Because of this program I learned how to become conscious of my faulty patterns and behavior, the reasons behind them and how to change them.

Lisa’s 12 Week Breakthrough Program literally broke through all the negative programming and gave me a new life. As I often say to Lisa, ‘You haven’t changed my life, you have SAVED my life’. This program is worth far more than every single penny I invested in it. I am finally connected to my ‘self’.

Thank you very much Lisa. I highly recommend this program to anyone on the healing journey.

Faiza Nawaz