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Alyse Renor Recommends Lisa A. Romano's Breakthrough Coaching Program

Lisa’s 12 Week Breakthrough program was amazing! Prior to signing up, I’d recently ended a relationship in which I was surprised to discover I’d fallen victim to the painful dynamics it held. Coming across Lisa’s program information on breaking free from codependency, I knew right away it was for me. Participating in her program brought about a new level of growth that I hadn’t been able to access up to that point. I gained so much understanding into how I could even find myself in such a relationship, let alone stay in it for a while. Her course showed me how a painful relationship dynamic fit an old pattern of programming from my past, and it allowed me to change that. I’m so grateful to have gone through the 12 weeks that guided me in shifting the way I not only viewed my past, but brought about the creation of a new and positive relationship I now have with myself.

As a psychotherapist and professional in the field, I’m very picky as to whom I trust for my personal growth. And, I hold great respect for Lisa A. Romano and what she offers: lasting growth, the steps to behavior change, and personal self- understanding. This program is truly a gift that I highly suggest you give to yourself. In my opinion, it’s a required course for those on a journey of personal growth and healing.

Alyse A. Rynor, LCSW
Soul Choice Counseling
Evanston, IL