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dysfunctional family

Breaking The Cycle of Abuse

Breaking The Cycle of Abuse

For those of us who grew up in dysfunctional homes, we may have not understood at the time that we were being brainwashed to think and feel the way our parents did.  When we were small, the soil that was our fertile, innocent, virgin subconscious minds were being downloaded with all sorts of weeds.  If our parents were racists, feared spending money, or spoke poorly about those in different religions, as adults we must begin to understand that childhood rearing is in fact indoctrination.

Family Today With Maria Mirkovich

On February 2nd, 2017 please tune in to watch Lisa A. Romano and Maria Mirkovich as they discuss how dysfunctional childhood programming brainwashes children to become adults who suffer from low self-worth and a lack of identity. Family Today with Lisa A. Romano will air at 7 pm est. on channel 34 (FIOS) and channel 81 (Time Warner Cable now called Spectrum). A special thank you to Maria Mirkovich and her assistant Gina who made my visit to the network very enjoyable. I felt extremely welcomed.

Here is a link to the show.


Ever wonder we nice people who have been abused most of our lives, tend to attract narcissists later on in life, and sometimes throughout our lifetimes?

Sadly enough, we fixers attract people who we see as needing to be loved. Codependents settle for being needed, and often times lack a point of self--and so attract people who are controlling, who ultimately give them direction in life. Unfortunately, narcissists are takers, and the direction they give to codependents is one that is all about 'them'--the narcissist.


Why You Are Amazing!

If it is true that energy and matter can neither be created nor destroyed--then that means that at the exact moment of the Big Bang--all that would ever be--already was--and that includes you and me.

On my usual and routine hour long drive to work yesterday morning I was...

ACoA Life Coach Lisa A. Romano--Helping Empower Adult Children of Alcoholics

There is nothing that upsets me or excites me more than an adult child of an alcoholic, or an adult child of a dysfunctional home who is on the cusp of being able to comprehend that he/she is NOT her thoughts.

When you are born to parents who cannot SEE you, who cannot HEAR you, who are unaware at how self absorbed they are--in relation to you--YOU never learn to...

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