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codependent relationships

Codependent Relationships, Enmeshment,

Codependent Relationships and Enmeshment

Are you in a codependent relationship and suffering with enmeshment?

Most of us can empathize with other people to a particular degree. When we notice a photo of a grieving mother, within us is the ability to imagine how she feels. If you were to witness someone struggling to get their car door open, you would immediately empathize with this person because you have the ability to imagine what it would feel like to be in the same situation. This ability to empathize with others is made possible through what scientist refer to as mirror neurons.

Narcissists Hate Themselves and Throw That Hate Up on Others

Narcissists need a toy to play with. Much like cats play with mice, narcs like to lay in waiting until the mouse feels secure and is out in the open. Once the mouse is out in the open and is feeling safe, that is when the cat strikes the hardest. When the mouse least expects to be taken over, that is when cats enjoy striking the most.

Ever wonder we nice people who have been abused most of our lives, tend to attract narcissists later on in life, and sometimes throughout our lifetimes?

Sadly enough, we fixers attract people who we see as needing to be loved. Codependents settle for being needed, and often times lack a point of self--and so attract people who are controlling, who ultimately give them direction in life. Unfortunately, narcissists are takers, and the direction they give to codependents is one that is all about 'them'--the narcissist.


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