Master Your Reality Coaching Program

Are you ready to learn how to become The Master of your Reality?

  • Have you been searching for the real Secret?
  • Have you been following the Law of Attraction, doing affirmations, thinking happy thoughts, telling a new story and still are unable to manifest what you truly desire?
  • Have you felt guilty or embarrassed for not being able to manifest what you think you desire?
  • Do you tend to give up on the law of attraction because you are unable to manifest?

If so you are not alone.

The law of attraction is a natural law that governs this universe. However, what many abused adult children do not realize, is that old childhood programming can get in the way of being able to manifest purposely. Regardless of how much we have healed our childhood wounds, in order to create deliberately there are some key ideas that need to be fully understood IF we are going to try and use The Law of Attraction consciously.

In order to manifest we must;

  • love ourselves
  • believe we are worthy
  • be healed of old energetic leaks and blocks
  • know what we want
  • know what we believe
  • understand our base emotional setpoint
  • know how to shift our perceptions
  • learn how to 'intercept' a thought
  • and so much more...

You may have been taught that the universe is responding to your thoughts.

Well, that is not entirely true.

The universe is not language specific, and since there are thousands of varying languages on our planet, it is false to believe that words are creating our realities.

The universe maintains order and harmony by responding to vibrational frequencies, so the more aware you are of how to control and master your personal energetic frequencies, the more able you will be to manifest the types of future desired realities you truly deserve.

How do we control our vibrations you ask?

This is exactly what you will learn in this Master Class.

A great follow up to The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program 

I always wanted to create a Law of Attraction Coaching Program, but I knew I had to create a foundational program first, one that would allow people to understand, that what is taught in childhood is responsible for what we attract as adults, and that is why it is advised that before you take the Master Class, you consider taking The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program first.

We are 95% unconscious, believe it or not.

If you've suffered from any sort of childhood trauma, most of what you think unconsciously is NEGATIVE and self-defeating.

That is why, if you want to use The Law of Attraction deliberately, you MUST know how your past has impacted your subconscious mind.

Thinking happy thoughts is a process of the 5% conscious mind and it is no match for the powerful subconscious mind which is responsible for 95% of our thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and behaviors.

What you can expect;

  • an online forum my team members and I moderate to help you stay on track with your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and vibrations
  • each week for eight weeks you will receive a crucial video lesson about the law of attraction
  • each week you will receive a new self-hypnosis, theta brainwave meditation to help reinforce essential key ideas 
  • each week you will receive a downloadable and printer-friendly pdf complete with homework, classnotes, key ideas
  • access to a secret Facebook group specific to your class 
  • access to a weekly Facebook Live event that takes place every Sunday at 9 am est
  • the ability to ask me and my team members any questions you may have about the law of attraction
  • an invitation to our Master Law of Attraction Facebook Group

On the day the program launches, you will receive access to your personal dashboard. Once logged in, you can watch the Introduction video and begin your first week’s lesson.

We relaunch July 11th, 2019

In this class, you will learn all about...

  • surrendering to the natural laws of the universe
  • how to tap into your body and hear the voice of infinite intelligence
  • flowing with your true desires
  • resistance and how it prevents you from manifesting what you desire 
  • how to attract your divine mate
  • how to flow with the stream of abundance
  • how you can shift your attitude about money and attract all that you desire
  • emotional set points
  • fear and how it blocks your chances of attracting what you hear yourself wishing for 
  • joy and what you can do to find it right where you are
  • and many other key concepts that will allow you to gain control over what you think, how you feel, what you believe and thus what you manifest...

I think it is so exciting to learn how to use the law of attraction the right way and I can't wait to share this knowledge with you each week for eight weeks.

The power has been with you all along, but unfortunately, the tremendous amount of misinformation out there about The Law of Attraction can make it difficult to manifest what we believe we desire.

I should know... I wanted love but kept attracting narcissists and I could not figure out why.

Yep, it's true.

After I divorced, I foolishly assumed all of my troubles were behind me.  I falsely believed my marriage was the problem, but after a few more relationships with narcissists, I realized that my problems were deeper than I thought.

I was the problem...but to be more vibrational frequencies were the problem.

I really thought I was doing the right thing, by 'thinking' about the kinds of relationships I really wanted.

Like many of you, I tried using the Law of Attraction too, but my lack of knowledge concerning how my subconscious mind operated and how it impacted my vibrational frequencies kept me blind to why I was not getting the love I desired. 

Abused adult children need a law of attraction coaching program

specific to their needs and their history.

After getting my butt kicked in the single dating world, I knew it was time to get real about what I was doing wrong.  

I committed myself to learning about;

  • quantum mechanics
  • Einstein's Theory of Relativity
  • thermodynamics
  • the law of Inertia
  • Nikola Tesla and his amazing work
  • remote viewing
  • the double slit experiment
  • ancient spiritual teachings
  • ancient civilzations
  • the nature of consciousness
  • the dualistic nature of reality
  • life and death
  • the matrix
  • protons, electrons, neutrons and how all that is, is energetic in nature
  • and so much more....

I began to understand the science behind how it is our subconscious mind interfaces with the field we think of as 'reality'. Nothing that is, is not subatomic energy at its core and when I expanded my mind, I was able to understand how science and spirituality work hand in hand and in fact, are mirrors of one another.  

I decided to put my ideas to the test.

I told no one I knew that I was trying to figure out how the past creates the future and how intercepting a thought can alter reality.  

Instead, I kept my ideas to myself...tucked away in the imagination of my mind...and focused entirely on 'what I wanted to experience'.

Time after time, opportunities showed up.  

It was as if I knocked and the doors appeared.

As my confidence grew, so did my desire to attract more.

Manifesting the love I always dreamed of.

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of falling in love with someone who was kind, generous, warm, supportive, strong, respectable, and who could see me.  
I swear...I really did dream of a man like this when I was seven years old...

During one of the exercises I created for myself, I wrote a letter to the universe requesting that it return to me the relationship I had always desired.

In the letter I...

  • focused on how I wanted to feel in the relationship
  • I was clear about what I absolutely wanted to experience
  • I felt in my being that I deserved a loving relationship
  • I promised to become that which I wished to manifest

AMAZINGLY enough, I told the universe that by the time I was forty five, I would be ready to experience an amazing relationship like the one I had ordered from the universe AND guess what????

My husband Anthony asked me out on our first date ON my forty fifth birthday!!!!!!!!!!

No, I am not kidding...this really happened.

I knew I was onto something...

My heart is dedicated to abused adult children because I feel like we haven't had the same opportunities other people have who have come from nurturing homes.

And that is why, I really want to teach you how to Master your Reality and attract what you absolutely deserve, the way I have been able to do.

I so hope you join me, with the next class starting July 11th 2019, when we relaunch The Master Your Reality Coaching Program 

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