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Each tele-class is created and produced by Breakthrough Life Coach, Lisa A. Romano. Each class is created to provide the student with the insights he/she needs to experience the breakthrough they have been looking for. Healing from codependency requires a specific set of skills. Codependents have not been taught the coping skills required to live happy life experiences. Being taught to believe that what you think, feel, want, need and desire is unimportant, primes an individual for future codependent dynamics. The lessons you will learn in Lisa A. Romano's tele-classes will help you heal the negative brainwashing from your past, and help you create the new templates you need so that you can move forward and create the abundance you deserve. If you are interested in participating in one of Lisa's upcoming tele-classes, make sure you sign up for her monthly newsletter. All information about upcoming classes will be included in the newsletter.