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One to One Coaching

If you are interested in making Lisa A. Romano your personal Breakthrough Life Coach, please leave us your contact information. Coaching packages are sold by the month. Each session lasts 55-60 minutes in length. Coaching is designed to help you understand what childhood brainwashing, (programs/templates) are holding you back. As programming is revealed, breakthrough are made. During each session, you will be given specific work to do on your own until the next coaching session. The relationship between you and your coach is a co-creative experience. You will be expected to have an agenda for each coaching session, so that Lisa A. Romano can best serve your needs. It is suggested that you bring a pen and a notebook to each session.The aim is to help you-the client uncover the belief systems (templates) that are preventing you from living through the reality of your true divine self. Please note, it is best to be in a comfortable place for these coaching sessions, because very often Lisa A. Romano chooses to take her clients through impromptu deep meditations if she feels that is what is needed at the time. We look forward to hearing from you soon.