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Healing Our Energy Bonds

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In this episode we will be discussing one of the most critical invisible wounds adult children of alcoholics experience.

The need to feel 'seen' on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level is crucial to a child's ability to define for themselves who they are and their unique experiences. Without sufficient energy bonding with mother and or father, children spend their lives seeking to gain this much needed connection in others. Sadly children from dysfunctional homes most often do not attract healthy partners, friends, coworkers and etc. Because this is a cause and effect universe, and becasue one of the first agenda's of a soul is to feel 'seen' by mother and father, wounded adult children unconsciously on an energetic level attract similar energies to their parents, in search of sealing that bond. Understanding how and why we adult children of alcoholics and narcissists, are unknowingly leaking energetically, as well as attracting abusers, helps us gain clarity and the tools we need to make life long changes that impact our lives in positive ways.