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Adult Children of Alcoholics/Codependents/Emotional Abuse Survivor

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If you are the adult child of an alcoholic--that means that you did not learn how to think 'well/healthy or appropriately' as a child. How could you? Your parents were inebriated--and or in denial about being inebriated.

Are you cycling in and out of unhealthy relationships? Do you easily get sucked into other people's drama's?

Yes--of course you do. Why? Because you were not taught about internal or external boundaries. Instead you were taught to tone yourself down, or you were taught that it was not appropriate to tell the truth. How then can you as an adult enforce a boundary--if you can't even tell your own truth?

Unfortunately--you can't.

But all is not lost.

Listen here as Codependency Expert and Life Coach Lisa A. Romano explores why codependent ACoA's do what they do, and how we can all learn to appreciate the power of personal boundaries.