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Adult Children of Alcoholics-How To Heal Our Toxic Vibrations

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It is not uncommon for adult children of alcoholics to attract energy beings who are very similar to their parents. It is quite common in fact for adult children to attract alcoholics as partners and to have children with drug and alcoholc issues. I hear some wondering, "But how could this be? I did not drink, and I hated my father who was an alcoholic. How could I have attracted a spouse who drinks and have children who drink and do drugs?" The reality Dear One, is that we attract what we are on a vibrational level, and your childhood experiences have created certain emotional set points. These set points are no different than a radio station. So like moths to a flame, children who have been abused by alcoholics are tuned up for alcoholics. Why? Because ACoA's understand the dysfunctional love language of an alcoholic, and or narcissistic, denial based being. While a non-codependent being would avoid alcoholics whose actions might not match what is comign out of his/her mouth, and ACoA sees these beings as needing sympathy, help, or love. In addition, because their idea of love is evasive, complicated and confusing, ACoA's match up their energies perfectly with beings who are more than willing to be evasice, complicated and confusing. Taking a Toxic Vibrational Fast is a Fast Pass Way to Facilitate Emotional Healing.