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In this episode Lisa A. Romano, Certified Breakthrough Life Coach, Mentor and Author helps we wounded Adult Children from dysfunctional homes understand how we can use pain to help us transcend our wounds and how by 'reframing' how we experience our pain can also speed along our total recovery.

If you have been lost, hang in there as Lisa explains the purpose of pain and how we can learn to appreciate duality in our lives.

Adult Children of Alcoholics have been denied a childhood. Because our lives have been so tattered with emotional neglect, we do not feel seen psychologically. As a result we struggle today with feelings of low self worth. We wonder secretly, "Who am I? What do I deserve? Am I good enough?"

Healing ourselves requires us to be as open and honest to our personal truth, regardless of whom our personal truth disappoints.

As an ACoA we often find ourselves wrapped in turmoil. Listen in as ACoA Life Coach Lisa A. Romano, author of several bestselling books describes how it is we unaware ACoA's create drama in our lives. "Until we are able to understand that our decisions, determine our destiny--we will always be stuck in victim mode--thinking and falsely believing we are powerless over our lives. It is a very difficult thing to accept that we are creating our own reality--when our realities hurt so much."

ACOA's don't recognize that their need to be validated is so strong--that they sometimes seek to control others through care-taking for them--to induce a sense of 'need'--so that others never leave them.

To stop the insanity wheel from spinning--we ACOA's need to take accountability for our own happiness--by accepting self--and others--without expecting others to fulfill our needs--or help maks wounds they didn't create.

If you are the adult child of an alcoholic--that means that you did not learn how to think 'well/healthy or appropriately' as a child. How could you? Your parents were inebriated--and or in denial about being inebriated.

Are you cycling in and out of unhealthy relationships? Do you easily get sucked into other people's drama's?

In this episode, Lisa A. Romano-Life Coach--discusses ways in which ACoA's can deliberately set their focus on creating brighter future realities.

In her words, "Because ACoA's and children from dysfunctional homes are so accustomed to pain--and because so many are stuck inside loops of negative dysfunctional programming--and unbeknownst to them--continue to attract dysfunctional people into their lives--for the most part--they are overwhelmed by the present--that they can't see the forest through the trees.

Because this is an attraction based universe, and becasue thoughts create things--we wounded adult children of alcoholics and adults from dysfunctional homes--may not be aware--that by the very nature of the universe--we are attracting what we know.

If all that we know--is the result of dysfunction--then how can we ever hope to attract healthy circumstances into our lives?

If the very core of our belief systems are dysfunctional--then all that we think must be a bit skewed.


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