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12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program Early Bird Special

12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program Early Bird Special


Secure your seat in Lisa A. Romano's next Coaching Class which begins on March 1st, 2018

By purchasing this program now, you are guaranteed a place in the next 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program Online Class.

Upon purchasing this program you will receive a confirmation email with all necessary log in information. You can create your account today and on March 1st, 2018 your personal dashboard will become active and you can begin using this program. Each week, for twelve weeks you will receive a new lesson. Each lesson includes an exclusive video, meditation, and a PDF. You may download and print the PDF to help you stay focused on your daily homework assignments. You are free to leave your comments or questions inside our private and secure community forum.

This program has been built upon the science of learning. Each new lesson builds upon the prior week's lesson. New ideas, knowledge, and understandings are reinforced through videos, meditations, and written homework. When you become a member of the Lisa A. Romano Breakthrough Coaching Program family, you gain unlimited access to your personal dashboard, which means you can watch these exclusive videos and take advantage of these meditations as often as you like for up to three years, or for the life of this website. This is unlike other online coaching programs that only grant you access for the term of the class or for up to twelve months.

The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program is my personal blueprint. I have healed my codependency, depression, attachment trauma, panic disorder, and even debilitating chronic physical conditions like migraine headaches and asthma, through the processes I lay out in this program. I believe I was able to do so by confronting the subconscious programs that were downloaded into my impressionable mind when I was an innocent child. It was not easy to overcome those old voices in my head and to put an end to debilitating rumination, but I did, and now i want to show you how you can heal your life as well. You can talk all you want about what you don't like about your life and your life will not change. Talking doesn't change anything. Change changes everything, but many of us don't know how to change or what needs to be changed in order to change our live, and this is what is so unique about my online coaching program. I teach you the 'how to' heal steps you need, in order to take control back in your life.

In addition to the weekly lessons, you will also have the opportunity to spend your Saturday mornings with me and your class at 9 a.m. EST on Facebook live. Each week, for about one hour, I address your classes personal concerns and questions. As an additional means of support, each new Breakthrough Class has their own secret Facebook Group. These groups help to increase the momentum of healing and help to facilitate growth through the sharing as well as supporting of class members. Members are free to share their personal struggles as well as breakthroughs on this page in addition to the online forum held within this website.

After the 12 Week Program is completed, and once it has been paid in full, you will have access to it for a minimum of three years and or for the life of this website. I encourage all of my students to cycle through the program at least three times the first year of purchase and also suggest you cycle through it again two more times the second year after purchase and then at least once the year after that.

This program has been created to help you dismantle the subconscious programming that is holding you back and to help teach you how to take care of you so that you are no longer dependent upon others for your sense of happiness, validation, enoughness, joy, or worth. To reinforce your chances of healing for the long term, you must never forget the power of your subconscious mind. You must do what you can to reinforce healthy ideas about your rights to live a balanced, healthy, peaceful non-codependent life. This program helped me confront and overcome my debilitating and crippling, faulty subconscious beliefs, and it has helped hundreds of others do the same. I believe, that if you follow the instructions I lay out for you in this program, you can finally be free of all the faulty data that is responsible for keeping you stuck.

So Dear Ones, if you are ready to;

  • learn how to love yourself
  • put guilt behind you
  • release shame that is keeping you stuck in self-doubt
  • learn how to enforce boundaries with those you love
  • stop being a doormat
  • learn how to put an end to rumination
  • learn how to follow through with goals and intentions
  • end toxic relationships without too much drama
  • free yourself from negative others
  • raise your vibrational frequencies
  • let go of faulty ideas and beliefs that prevent you from being YOU
  • find and connect to your authentic self
  • figure out how to regulate your own emotions
  • find your heart space and live from that space
  • learn how to end patterns that keep you attracting narcissists
  • heal your inner child
  • love your inner child
  • attract abundance, divine mates, love, peace, joy and contentment

then you are ready to take on the biggest challenge of your life.  Yes, this program will challenge you and even trigger you to feel emotions you have stuffed and or denied. Yes, you will begin to thaw out and face emotions and ideas that your brain may have forced you to suppress. Yes, you will cry and feel things you may not want to feel, and yes, that is the entire point.  Until we know 'how to' feel our emotions without psychologically falling apart, we stay stuck.  This program can teach you how to 'feel' the feelings others taught you were irrelevant, as well as teach you how to finally use the gift emotions are as a way to navigate your authentic life moving forward.


Namaste Dear Ones--I bow to the love and the light that is absolutely in YOU--all we have to do is find it and let it SHINE!!

Lisa A. Romano

Breakthrough Life Coach 

Disclaimer; Lisa A. Romano is a Certified Life Coach and not a psychiatrist or psychologist.  All members take part in this revolutionary type of healing program at their own risk, knowing that they will be triggered as part of the work involved in this online program.  All members are responsible for their own mental health and take part knowing that this program in no way is to take the place of professional mental help therapies.  All members understand that this coaching program is not one to one coaching.  This is an online group coaching program opposed to one to one coaching.