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12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program

12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program


The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program is the brainchild of Lisa A. Romano. As a child Lisa suffered from extreme anxiety, depression and even had thoughts of suicide. Life was a constant ball of confusion that did not end in childhood. In her early thirties, as a young married mother of three small children, her life began spinning out of control. In fear that she might be going crazy, Romano reached out for help in the form of a psychotherapist. When she was diagnosed with depression that had been caused by codependency, Romano was as relieved as she was confused. Neither she or her husband drank, or did drugs. Although the diagnosis did not quite make sense to her at the time, during a difficult crisis it was all she could hold onto.

The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program is the culmination of many years of endless research that includes neuroscience, child psychology, theology, anatomy and biology. Lisa A. Romano was able to heal her life, by healing her heart and her mind. Her approach to healing is multifaceted and includes all aspects of what it means to be a human being. While most therapies are segmented and tend to focus entirely on one aspect of a human being, this healing program offers an integrated and wholistic approach to healing from within.

"When I was diagnosed with depression and codependency, all I knew was I had to find a way to heal. I understood that what my parent's had conditioned me to believe was at the core of what was causing my depression, brain fog, self loathing and general dissatisfaction with life. This program represents what I learned on my road to recovery. I wish to share what I have learned with others who are desperate to heal."

This program works for many different reasons.

This program is founded upon the principles of learning, as well as neurological and biological facts. Human beings best learn new information in small doses, which is why a new lesson is introduced weekly; too much information at one time causes cognitive overload. To increase your brain's ability to retain new data, this program has been designed in such a way that respects the way the brain actually learns. Science has proven that your brain has the ability to change, and grow new neurons. In order to heal, we need to find a way to shift your brain from the fight or flight mode to a learning mode. Because the brain is adaptable, this program has the ability to help shift you out of survival mode and into a more receptive learning state. While doing so your brain has the ability to literally rewire itself, and override the faulty childhood programming that is at the root of your suffering.

For many years science has focused on what the brain outputs rather than on what the brain could do if given the right input. With the right input the brain has the ability to grow new neuron's, enhance cognition, modify thoughts, behaviors and moods. Instead of focusing on your behaviors, my program will help you understand why you behave the way you do, successfully teaching you how to objectify your actions and the thoughts that caused them. This way of learning greatly reduces anxiety, and allows you to become more objective of your behavior and thoughts opposed to being reactive to them.

The program is broken down into three separate modules. Each module contains four individual lessons. For twelve weeks you will be learning crucial lessons in a step by step, easy to digest approach. Each significant new lesson is coupled with a meditation that has been created with Brainwave technology to enhance your ability to retain these lessons.

The key to your healing is found in uncovering the faulty programming that has been stored in your subconscious mind. As we uncover these faulty ideas, we replace them with healing information that has been designed to help bring your heart, mind and body into alignment with truth.

It's not you dear one--it's your programming.