Lisa A Romano Breakdown to Breakthroughs

Lisa A Romano Breakdown to Breakthroughs

Hosted by: Lisa A. Romano

A podcast committed to healing from codependency, narcissistic abuse, with a heavy emphasis on raising consciousness for the benefit of healing mind, body, and soul.


These 5 Types of People Attract Narcissists

In this episode, Life Coach Lisa A. Romano discusses 5 types of people that narcissists attract. Although there are varying personalities a more narcissistic person might exploit, in this session, Romano discusses 5...
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When a Narcissist Turns Others Against You

When a narcissist turns others against you, you'll need to know how to handle those flying monkeys. In this episode, Lisa A. Romano gives you her best tips for how to handle this rough patch.   Online Codependency...
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If You Defend a Narcissist It Might Be a trauma Bond

In this episode, Lisa A. Romano discusses trauma bonding with a narcissist and or toxic person. If you defend a narcissist or an abuser it might be because you're experiencing a trauma bond. Online Codependency...
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Narcissistic Abuse Survivor Story -- Lisa A. Romano and Guest

Season #2 Episode #10

 In this episode, Lisa A. Romano interviews Rachel, a narcissistic abuse survivor who has learned to redefine her self worth, honor her authentic self and let go of unhealthy attachment to fairy tale type thinking...
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How Narcissist Gets You to Take on Their Character Traits

Season #2 Episode #9

Narcissists use projection as a defense mechanism to help them offload the negative character traits they hold about themselves. If a target accepts these opinions, one can lose their entire identity. Lisa A. Romano...
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Narcissists and Projective Identification

Season #2 Episode #8

Narcissists often project their own flaws onto their targets, and if the target isn't careful, they can also get the target to identify with those flaws. Life Coach and bestselling author Lisa A. Romano, interviews,...
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How Narcissist Set You Up to Lose Every Argument Every Time

Season #2 Episode #7

Narcissists rely on the manipulative double bind to ensure their targets stay stuck, in fear, anxious, and spinning their emotional wheels. Life Coach Lisa A. Romano breaks it down so you better understand how you can...
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Narcissists Exploit Your Need to Be Needed

Season #2 Episode #6

We all need to be needed, and in healthy relationships, this need is valued and reciprocated. However, when it comes to highly narcissistic individuals, this need is exploited as a way to gain narcissistic supply....
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How to Develop Thick Skin with a Narcissist So You Don't Become Narcissistic Supply

Season #2 Episode #5

Narcissists want one thing, and that is to turn you into a source of narcissistic supply. In this episode, Life Coach and bestselling author Lisa A. Romano reveals ways in which you can become immune to narcissists so...
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Become Narcissist FREE in 2021 with these 14 Life-Changing Relationship Tips

Season #2 Episode #4

Narcissists are everywhere, and everyone in the world is a target. The better our ability to repel narcissists, the greater are our chances of manifesting healthier relationships and maintaining our peace of mind. In...
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Heal Negative Self Talk with Lisa A. Romano

Season #2 Episode #3

Negative self talk arrests our ability to think clearly, rationally and consciously. When our emotions are high, our decision making is halted and reactivity kicks into high gear. In this episode, Life Coach and...
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5 Steps to Tame Your Inner Critic with Lisa A. Romano

Season #2 Episode #2

Negative thoughts impact us all but they don't have to control our lives. In this episode, Lisa A. Romano Life Coach and bestselling author will break it down into 5 easy steps to help us tame the inner critic. ...
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