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Release Childhood Trauma Healing Meditation

Most of us have not been born to perfect parents or caretakers. Most of us have been raised by wounded adult children, who may have been unaware of how past unresolved trauma impacted their parenting.  As the world becomes more conscious, those of us on the healing path discover painful truths, that perhaps the generations before us were unaware of. 

If you are someone who is on the healing path, you may be learning about childhood trauma. If you were traumatized as a child, you may have grown up feeling invisible, powerless, and unworthy. You may have lost your sense of self. You may have been living in survival, unable to feel worthy of love. 

None of this is your fault. 

The greatest force on earth is love and when you have been a victim of childhood trauma, you have been denied this most healing energy. 

This meditation has been created to assist and heal you as you expand your understanding of self. Use this meditation to help you raise your level of awareness and ease you into healing energies as you learn to heal faulty negative childhood patterns from the past. 

This meditation is one of my most powerful. It can help you heal from attachment trauma, and release deep negative trapped emotions that may have been weighing you down and preventing you from feeling emotionally free. 

This guided meditation is 31:59 in length.

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