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You Are Worthy Powerful Guided Meditation

Awaken from the Faulty Programs

Many abused adult children struggle to believe they are enough.

When you have come from a home that has negatively impacted the way you view the self, it is almost impossible to feel connected to the belief you are enough.

When we struggle to believe we are worthy of being loved, our world becomes a life of pain. We learn to fear being abandoned but we also fear being seen. While we crave love, we also fear love.

Many abused adult children are unaware of just how deeply their lack of connection to the people they loved has impacted their ability to love the self.

Until we understand and learn to believe we are enough, we approach life with a lack vibration and mindset. While this is not our fault, it is our responsibility to do all we can to heal the negative beliefs and thus vibrations of the past.

This meditation can help you learn to heal the past negative programs that have been holding you back.

Lisa's healing voice helps you awaken to the authentic self while helping you expand your consciousness of self. 

If you are ready to expand your consciousness and heal your life, this guided meditation can help you create the conscious shifts you need to heal your life. 

This healing meditation is 17:10 in length. 

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