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Introducing the 21 Day Inner Child Journaling Program by Lisa A. Romano – a transformative journey into the depths of self-discovery and healing. Crafted by Lisa, a renowned expert in the field of childhood trauma, codependency, and inner child work specialist, this program is designed to unveil conflicts and emotional blocks that often remain hidden beneath the surface due to the brain's instinctual need to protect survival strategies.

Benefits of the Program:

  1. Guided Inner Exploration: Navigate the intricate landscape of your inner world with expertly crafted journaling prompts. Lisa's profound insights serve as a guiding light, leading you to the core of emotional and psychological blocks that may have eluded your awareness.

  2. Uncover Unconscious Patterns: The 21-day journey is a powerful tool for unraveling unconscious patterns formed during childhood. Through self-inquiring journaling, you'll gain clarity on ingrained survival strategies that may no longer serve your present well-being.

  3. Empowering Self-Discovery: As you engage in this transformative process, witness the emergence of a more confident and self-aware you. Discover the empowering effects of expanding your self-awareness and embracing the full spectrum of your inner child's emotions.

  4. Release Emotional Baggage: By delving into the depths of your inner child, you'll uncover and release emotional baggage that may have hindered your personal growth. Experience the cathartic process of letting go and making space for healing.

  5. Holistic Well-being: The program goes beyond surface-level healing, aiming for holistic well-being. Through self-inquiring journaling, you'll address emotional wounds, foster self-compassion, and lay the foundation for a more balanced and fulfilled life.

Why Lisa A. Romano?

Lisa's expertise in the area of emotional well-being, consciousness, and inner child work sets this program apart. Her carefully curated prompts guide you through a transformative process, providing profound insights that encourage healing and self-empowerment.

Embark on this 21-day journey to reconnect with your inner child, unveil hidden conflicts, and pave the way for a more confident, aware, and harmonious you. Join Lisa A. Romano on this transformative exploration – your inner child deserves it.

Start your journey today.

Please note that the 21-day Inner Child Program is not included in the Breakthrough Warrior Membership. For this reason, we are offering you the opportunity to take advantage of this offer today. 


Become a Breakthrough Warrior: Just $49.00/Month

Dear One, this membership helps you to continue to breakthrough!

As a member, you gain access to;

  • A Supportive Facebook Community
  • Guided Meditations sold on my website 
  •  Loving the Self Video and Meditation Program originally priced at $199
  • The Advanced Codependency Audio Collection originally priced at $149
  • The Codependency Boundary Building Audio Workshop (This workshop sold for $249)
  • 4 Part series on Narcissism, not available anywhere else but here in this membership
  • The Twelve Keys to Recovery
  • Journaling Prompts
  • The Law of Attraction Workbook 
  • Downloadable Infographics and more
  • Loving the Self Affirmation Book
  • Assessment Sheets 
  • Live Q&A with Lisa A. Romano each month
  • and so much more...

Each month, Lisa creates new resources, so this membership never stops growing! These resources include a monthly mantra, journaling prompts, and a podcast. 

Lisa offers a live, member-only LIVESTREAM every last Monday of the month on Facebook. 

This membership is a great addition to your healing from the 'codependency' toolbelt. 

We welcome you to our amazing, powerful, courageous community!

Cancel anytime...fill your soul while a member and take all you can from this membership to stay committed, inspired, and uplifted on the path to healing from codependency!


What People Are Saying!

The Breakthrough Warriors Membership has become an essential part of the continuation of my healing, growth, and accountability in the work I absolutely must do for myself. The many options I can access there help me stay grounded and serve as a personal support system. I appreciate the motivation I get with the monthly themes and the challenge to complete sections around specific topics or content. I know in myself when I am out of balance, and this membership is like no other in its ability to help me refocus and keep moving forward. The once-a-month live streams are helpful for questions I may have or struggle with. Like so many, several traumas I have survived were repetitive obstacles I did not understand. Lisa is a master communicator and brilliant at keeping it real and honest. Her way of maintaining support and validation for people while strengthening their responsibilities and accountability has influenced my strength and growth. I cannot recommend the Breakthrough Warriors Membership enough for anyone desiring a new personal or spiritual destination or anyone fascinated with human behavior and the ability of the cognitive mind. Kindest regards, Beverly


My Black Friday money went to a full-year membership to Breakthrough Warrior this year. I invested in something much more worthwhile than stuff. It's causing me to go higher and deeper in ownership of my life. I'm grateful for The Breakthrough Warrior Membership because I've benefitted greatly from it. It's like getting a great deal on a fully stocked store with all the latest tools to build a new life with full training on how to use it for optimal results. The richness of meditations, classes, journal prompts, and exercises keeps me on this path of consciousness and connectedness to my world. The library is really easy to navigate. The array of materials takes 5 minutes up to 30 minutes to complete. It's designed to empower me with as little or as much as I have time for on any given day. I use the meditations morning and night and classes during the day. I have considered this program for years. I'm glad I did this for myself! I thank Lisa for making such a broad-reaching resource for Breakthrough Warriors like us!