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Heal the World Meditation

Every one of us is like a radio tower emitting a particular frequency. Images and other people’s ideas can become impressed upon our subconscious mind and by no fault of our own, we can take on negative self opinions and limiting beliefs. What we focus on we are agreeing with. It is as if we are making a contract with the Universe to ask for more of whatever it is weighs upon our mind. 

If you are someone who is socially conscious, and truly wishes to make a positive impact, then you are also someone who appreciates and values the power of your mind.

Use this mediation when you are wishing to raise your own vibrations as well as the vibrations of the collective. 

Nothing goes unnoticed or unseen by the Universe.  The negativity we are experiencing at any point in time is the result of many generations of unconsciousness. 

Together we can bring about the world we desire and create a more positive home for us all. 

This is a 40 minute Guided Healing Meditation

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