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Abundance Meditation

This is a thirty minute, self-hypnosis, theta meditation.  

If you are not attracting wealth, prosperity, joy, abundance, and success in your life that is only because you do not have a program for it.

This theta meditation will help deprogram the beliefs that are holding you back and preventing you from achieving what you truly wish to experience in your life.

Listen to this meditation early in the morning to help set your intention for the day and also be sure to listen to it as you are drifting off to sleep.

The powerful messages will not only help you create new beliefs about your right to manifest abundance, success, wealth, joy, health, and happiness into your life, but it will also help undo the self-sabotaging beliefs that are dwelling in the subconscious mind as well. 

This is an extremely powerful self-hypnosis meditation.

The first twenty minutes are spoken intentions, understandings, and new programs.  The last ten minutes are pure theta frequencies to help ease you into a relaxing brain wave state that is conducive to reprogramming the subconscious mind.

Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Meditation Teacher Lisa A. Romano www.lisaaromano.com