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Boundary Building Audio Workshop & Workbook Bundle

Codependency is rooted in shame, a deep sense of abandonment, and unworthiness. Feeling unworthy makes it impossible to set healthy boundaries. Boundaries are intimidating because they cause us to worry that others might leave us if we dare to put a boundary in place. 

The human brain is designed to operate according to what you fear most. When you have been raised to fear others leaving you or disapproving of you, then your brain will consider boundaries a threat to your survival. 

This audio is a recording of one of Lisa's most popular live event workshops. Listening to this audio and then practicing the steps Lisa has designed for you can help you feel more confident about setting boundaries in your life. 

You can't set boundaries if you subconsciously live in fear of others leaving you if you do. However, once you set your mind free to discover the links that stink, and you work at consciously changing them, anything and everything becomes possible. 

  • This audio file is 67:05 in length.
  • The downloadable workbook is over 60 pages in length.

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