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Manifest Love Law of Attraction Guided Meditation

  • Are you looking to manifest love and healthier relationships?
  • Are you wanting to tune-up with love vibrations?
  • Do you wish to attract the perfect relationship for you in this lifetime?

If you are someone who is tired of finding yourself in troubled relationships and you want to make certain you are doing absolutely everything in your power to align with the vibrations of love, this guided meditation can help you do just that!

To manifest love, you must ‘feel’ as if you have already manifested the love you seek. Many of us use the law of attraction incorrectly. We desire to experience a certain reality, rather than desire FROM the desired reality. 

As someone who has learned to bow my head in great humility to the subconscious mind, I can assure you that it is not possible to manifest anything you do not feel attuned to. 

You deserve love, peace, abundance, prosperity, security, and health! 

Use this guided healing meditation to align you with the precise vibrations that match these desires. 

You deserve love and once you align yourself with the energies of love, it shall be yours. 

This guided healing meditation is 25:00 in length.

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