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Enhanced Self Love Guided Healing Meditation

You are worthy of self-care and self-love. 

Only when you practice the vibration of self-love can you ever receive the enormous benefits of loving the self. It sounds so simple and yet it is one of the most difficult things any human being can ever hope to achieve in their lifetime. 

 If you are someone who has grown up feeling invisible and or not enough, you more than anyone need to learn how to rewire the subconscious for love. The subconscious mind is impressed with the perceptions experienced by the conscious mind. When children do not experience a sense of love from their environments, the subconscious mind is wired to believe the essence it is -- is unworthy. 

Use this mediation to help you heal negative programming from the past. This guided meditation helps shift your internal reality to a more self-loving, and self-compassionate experience so that you may raise your vibrations and begin loving yourself as you always should have been able to do. 

This is a 15 minute Guided Healing Meditation

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