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The Law of Attraction Demystified 30 Minute Audio

You are destined for greatness but first, you must believe this to be true. 

If you need to understand how the law of attraction plays into childhood, adulthood, our emotions, and beliefs, don't miss this lecture. 

If you are the adult child of an alcoholic or the child of a narcissist, or if you have endured years of emotional abuse, you may not yet know just how powerful you are.

What most parents, teachers, and authorities in our lives fail to teach us is that fate is not set and that within each of us is the power to change our lives for the better, even if our early lives have not been happy ones. 

The truth is, you are a powerful Creator.

Although many of us are conditioned and programmed to believe we are unworthy, invalid and that our feelings are insignificant, nothing could be further from the truth. 

The Law of Attraction is science and once you demystify the laws that govern time and space, you are in a position to use them to improve your life. 

This audio has been created for anyone who is interested in better understanding the laws that govern all space and time! 

Are you ready to take your mind, body, soul and life experiences to the next level?  If so, it is time to expand your consciousness and get your imagination flowing!

Everything that is operates according to specific laws, like it or not and if you want more out of life than you've gotten so far, you will need to adhere to those laws in order to manifest a new desired reality. Like no one else can, Lisa breaks it all down for us in this amazing audio teaching.