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Download the Achieve Meaningful Love in Relationships Audio Series

Are you ready to ACQUIRE the LOVE you DESIRE?

You must become the partner you seek in order to become a magnet for the love you desire.

Cognitive dissonance, feelings of unworthiness, and the simultaneous fears of rejection and intimacy can create a formidable barrier to experiencing the relationships one truly craves.

Cognitive dissonance arises when individuals grapple with conflicting beliefs or attitudes, causing internal discomfort. This disharmony makes it challenging to attract or sustain the desired relationships, as the inner conflict may project uncertainties and inconsistencies outwardly.

Feelings of unworthiness act as a pervasive filter, distorting perceptions of self and others. The fear of rejection and intimacy intensify this barrier, creating a paradox where the longing for deep connections clashes with the dread of vulnerability and potential emotional pain.

Breaking free from these patterns involves acknowledging and addressing these internal conflicts, fostering self-compassion, and gradually opening oneself to the authentic connections one craves.

It's not you; it's your love and abundance blocks getting in the way of you acquiring the meaningful love relationships you desire!

Once you master your mindset around love and relationships, you will become a powerful magnet for all that you desire!

Here's what is included in this audio bundle. Download each file separately and listen anytime!

  • Manifest Love Law of Attraction Meditation
  • Attract the Love You Desire Meditation
  • Enhance Self Love Guided Healing Meditation
  • Healing the Illusions of the Past
  • Bonus -- Heal the World Meditation

Use these meditations often to help clear away the blocks that keep you stuck at the level of the subconscious!

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Living Above the Veil Codependency Audio Collection

Purchase Lisa's Audio Lectures and Connect the Dots!

Download all five audios and start healing and breaking through today!

Thank you for expressing interest in the transformative Living Above the Veil Codependency Audio Collection by Lisa A. Romano.

As you navigate the intricate journey of healing from codependency, it's crucial to recognize that the unaware patterns created in childhood can be unveiled and transformed into conscious, empowered choices.

Audio Collection Overview:

  1. They Were Wrong - You Can Heal! In this healing audio, Lisa A. Romano guides wounded adult children to recognize the innate power within to heal their lives. Shed the unworthy beliefs instilled by alcoholic or narcissistic parents. It's time to embrace your worthiness and heal.

  2. Your Feelings Are The Key: Uncover the profound influence of your feelings and their connection to your thoughts; for those stuck in survival mode due to childhood experiences, understanding, and mastering emotions are pivotal. This audio empowers you to resonate with positive vibrations.

  3. The Three Deadly R's That Keep You Stuck: Delve into the mind's preference for the familiar, even if it's painful. Learn to interrupt cycles of negative thinking and overcome codependency. Gain insights and tools to choose your thoughts consciously and break free from past patterns.

  4. Healing Codependency Mindset Ideal for those new to codependency, this audio explores root causes like family dynamics, toxic shame, and survival strategies of wounded adult children. Identify the source of your struggles and embark on a healing journey toward living your truth authentically.

  5. The Law of Attraction Demystified Understand the universal laws governing life and manifestations. Discover how childhood experiences influence thoughts, feelings, actions, and manifestations. Learn to master your mental field, fostering positive changes in alignment with your desires.

Embark on this sacred journey towards living above the veil!

Each audio lesson is crafted with care and insight to guide you through the profound process of understanding, healing, and transforming your mindset.

You are not alone in this journey; empowerment and healing await as you reclaim your truth and rewrite your narrative.

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