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Loving the Self Video Program

You are enough, but your subconscious mind may not know that. If you are looking for insights, knowledge, guidance, and practical tools that can help you learn how to love the self, this is the program for you.

What's included:

Part One
Accept Yourself and Make Peace with Negative Emotions

Until we can integrate negative emotions, our brain will try to run from them. In order to love the self, we must accept all aspects of the self.

Part Two
Understand Yourself Psychological Self

Until we understand what makes us -- us, we can expect others to know us better than we know ourselves. Understanding the psychological self, helps us to develop more realistic expectations of ourselves and others. This makes room for more loving experiences with others as well as with ourselves.

Part Three
Embrace the Inner Critic

Until you understand the narrative of the inner critic, you run from the faulty, negative, and sometimes cruel messages that have been downloaded in the subconscious mind. Once you embrace the inner critic, shame dissolves, fear lifts, and you develop the ability to observe messages rather than react to them. This lesson teaches you to understand that you are not the inner critic. You are the observer of the narrative of the inner critic.

Part Four
Supreme Self Care

Codependent people and those who struggle with boundaries can sometimes fall prey to expecting others to read their mind. They can also do for others, seeking a sense of self and validation. Only when you are able to seek your own validation, can you ever truly love the self. This lesson brings it all home!

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