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Loving the Self Video Series

It Is Not Your Fault if You Do Not Know How to Love the Self

Let's face it head on, many of us do NOT know how to love the self and that is NOT our fault.


  • you never felt loved
  • your caretakers taught you your feelings were irrelevant
  • you were raised by alcoholics, narcissists, codependent, or abusive parents
  • you were taught to seek other people's validation for a sense of self-esteem
  • your parents did not love themselves
  • you were abused emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually and or psychologically
  • you were treated with indifference

then your brain does not have the data it needs to know how to 'love the self'. 

In fact, your brain only knows 'how to deny, ignore, minimize and criticize the self'.

The brain can only play with the tools that are in the shed.

It sounds so simple right? 

The brain can only play with the information or the data that has been impressed upon it, but as simple as it is to understand it is not our fault we do not know 'how to love the self', in reality, learning to love the self is not as easy as one might think.

Learning to undo what has been done.

As many of you know, my life is dedicated to helping those of us who have been born to people who, for whatever reason missed the mark, and failed to give us the best chance at developing into healthy, self-assured, self-confident, self-respecting adults, learn to undo the damage caused by faulty childhood experiences.  

As part of my mission to become a consistent source abused adult children can rely on for tools, information, and knowledge they can use to learn how to give themselves what they missed, but deserved in childhood, I wanted to create an online program that catered specifically to what it means to learn 'how to love the self'.

What You Can Expect

  • this is a four part video series that is available for immediate use
  • four video lessons 
  • four self hypnosis meditations that are completely downloadable
  • four PDF's that are downloadable and printer friendly 
  • an online private members only forum you can post your questions and comments to

Why did I create this Series?

  • I created this program because many of you wanted a class you could turn to immediately and while waiting for one of my two other online coaching programs to begin
  • I created a program dedicated completely to loving the self because a lack of self love is what is at the root of most of our personal issues today
  • I wanted to create a program that blended psychology, spirituality, and biology in a way that was easy to understand so they could all be applied to the importance of loving the self
  • On my journey towards self-love, I learned to appreciate the value in clearly identifying the parts of the self that I was attempting to love

Video One

  • teaches you all about the one emotion that prevents so many of us from being able to connect to the true self
  • teaches you how to process difficult emotions
  • teaches you about what emotions really are
  • teaches you how to use your emotions in a way that serves you and empowers you
  • teaches you the importance of honoring this one emotion when it comes to being able to enforce boundaries

Video Two

  • teaches you about what the self really is
  • teaches you about the difference between the psychological self and the true self
  • clearly identifies how the psychological self gets impacted by the external environment
  • teaches you about how to integrate the psychological self and the true self
  • helps you feel clear about who and what you are
  • helps heal confusion that clouds our ability to love the self 

Video Three

  • teaches you about the inner critic
  • you will learn how the inner critic gets created
  • you will learn to understand the inner critic
  • you will learn to override the voice of the inner critic in miraculous ways that will help you transform your life
  • teaches you how to find empathy for the abused parts of you, you may not have understood in the past

Video Four 

  • teaches you all about Supreme Self Care
  • the importance of self-care
  • how you can make self-care a part of your everyday
  • offers you advice and tips on the best ways to make Supreme Self Care a part of your everyday life
  • helps you develop a sense of personal responsibility towards loving the self


This video series comes complete with four, outstanding, self-hypnosis, theta brainwave frequency meditations. They are entirely downloadable and you can listen to them as often as you wish.


The PDF's in this series are downloadable and printer friendly.  
Feel free to create a binder you can use to follow along with the videos.

Each PDF has exercises you can use to help you reinforce the lessons you have learned in the videos and with the meditations.

Available for Immediate Use

If you are ready to take your self-care knowledge to the next level, this four part video series if for you. Learn what you can do to begin loving your self for who you really are and how you can integrate mind, body, and soul.

Unlike The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program and The Law of Attraction Master Class, this four-part video series is available for immediate use.

All love starts with Self-Love

I know it sounds corny but it is true.

If you don't love you how can anyone else love you?

If you don't know what the self is, how can you know who you are?

If you don't take the time to understand you, your emotions, your likes, dislikes, and so can anyone else ever hope to understand you?

It isn't possible to FEEL loved from the outside if we don't FEEL love on the inside.

It may not be fair. 

Those of us who grew up feeling ignored and invisible have attracted friends, partners, and others who ignored us and helped us feel invisible too.

BUT...the problem isn't OUT there.

The problem is IN here--inside of our hearts--inside of our minds--and inside of our bodies.

We attract what we are--healthy or unhealthy.

We can ONLY attract love on the outside once we have learned to love ourselves on the inside.  And I want you to love yourself so much, that love cannot help but find you wherever you are.  It is so exciting to know, that once we have tuned ourselves up for love on the inside, LOVE must flow to us on the outside.

Dear One, 

You are enough and this video series can help you finally learn to believe that is TRUE!

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