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What Every Abused Adult Child Should Know

Lisa A. Romano

Abused adult children need to know that it is absolutely possible to heal from their childhood programming.

There is always an opportunity to heal from the past with the right information.

Abused adult children have been brainwashed to feel and believe that their feelings do not matter.  Generally, they treat themselves the way others have treated them and attract abusive partners, friends, and acquaintances as well.

Adult children who have been raised by abusive parents need to know that unless they awaken to their true potential, they are doomed to recreate their pasts.  All children are in trance like states until they are about seven years old.  We are all products of our environments. 

The wonderful thing about being a human being is, through our consciousness, we have the opportunity to change our programming and create the lives we truly desire.

This audio is approximately thirty minutes in length.