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Healing Codependency & Beyond

Lisa A. Romano

This audio was created to shed light on the root causes of codependency. When I was diagnosed with clinical depression I had no clue my depression was caused by codependent thinking and rooted subconscious beliefs. I was stunned and relieved to comprehend that what I had been taught was dysfunctional, because I realized that if I could take control over my subconscious mind—by way of radical self awareness—I could in fact change my life.

Without a clear and concise understanding of what actually creates a codependent mind it is difficult to overcome it. I created this audio to help shed light on ideas that you may not yet have realized, for the purpose of expanding your level of self awareness. The more you know about codependency and its root causes, the better equipped you will be to heal from it.

When we wake up, we break the cycle and spare our children the same fate we once had. Our parents may be in denial and deeply asleep, but that does not mean we cannot break the spell they put us under. We can heal, and we can spare our children from the sleep inducing state codependency is. The revolution is at hand, and it is playing out on the playing field of your subconscious and conscious mind.