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Codependent Recovery and It's Connection to Unity Consciousness

Lisa A. Romano

This audio lesson has been created to help you rewire your brain. Your brain holds beliefs. These beliefs are the result of childhood brainwashing, (programming). If you have been brainwashed to believe that what you think and feel is insignificant, you may be unaware at how your brain ‘flags’ your emotions. If you have been brainwashed to ‘fear’ your emotions, your brain will have no other choice but to repress them because of the data it has received about them.

To heal we must understand that most thoughts are recycled, repeated, and recreated each new day, while we are unaware we are NOT thinking consciously about what is showing up in our conscious field. The thoughts in our conscious field are the result of what has been downloaded into the subconscious mind. Until you harness the profound complexities of this reality, you may stay stuck recycling, repeating and recreating realities you hear yourself thinking you dislike.

This audio was created to motivate and inspire you to understand the power of your consciousness, and what you can do to stay on a clear path towards enlightenment.