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Codependent and Boundary Building Workshop

Lisa A. Romano

This is an audio file of a workshop that has been designed for my live events. When you purchase this audio you will receive an MP3 file that you may download to your phone or computer.  

This workshop identifies five key stumbling blocks codependents and those suffering from narcissistic abuse face in relationship with others. It also contains practical 'how to' strategies you can begin using today, to help you become more in control over your current situations. 

Most of us have been sold a false set of ideas.  Thinking about what is wrong does not help us fix what is wrong.  Most therapies fail to help identify what is at the root of why we keep attracting narcissistic, abusive, unhealthy people into our lives.  In most cases, many of us have never been told exactly why we attract unhealthy people in the first place.  If we didn't know that cigarette smoke causes cancer, we could not make an educated choice about our health regarding our cigarette habits.  But once we identified that the carcinogens in the cigarettes we were smoking caused cancer, we could then decide to stop smoking.  Unfortunately when it comes to emotional growth and healing, rarely do we dig deep enough to figure out what is causing our cancerous relationships.  

I am committed to helping others learn 'how to' dig deep enough to heal once and for all.  I am also committed to helping others learn 'how to' dig deep enough to finally heal from the root causes of their unhappy life experiences today. 

This workshop has transformed the lives of countless people who successfully identified their relationship and personal troubles as being rooted in codependent belief systems. It has also enabled them to follow along with simple strategies that truly help them transform their minds. Without understanding the need for boundaries and how to assert them in everyday life situations, codependency cannot be healed. However, when a codependent begins to take responsibility for their thoughts, their vibrations and their actions that is the transformational moment they begin to understand the power of their own mind!

Thank you for your interest in this MP3 audio of my workshop on Codependency and Boundary Building.